ShinRa Records:
εуλ 1967 Researchers in Mt. Nibel discovered the body of a young woman at the construction site for the company’s new Reactor. The body was found when it surfaced in a pool of Mako just below the construction zone. At first assumed to be dead, upon further investigation, the woman showed signs of life despite seeming to have drowned in the toxic liquid. The woman was brought to the ShinRa mansion, located in the town of Nibelheim, and placed in the care of ShinRa's scientists who attempted to revive her. Despite their efforts she remained in a vegetative state, presumably due to mako poisoning. Further research must be performed in order to properly assess her condition. Specimen has been given the code name Crystal based upon her peculiar hair and eye color.

εуλ 1968 Over the course of the past year, we have learned a great wealth of knowledge by studying Crystal. When we attempted to retrieve a blood sample, our needles drew only green liquid. Any incisions made healed themselves within hours. Crystal’s anatomy seemed no different than any other human aside from all of this. Her blood carried cells like most lifeforms, although what would normally be considered red blood cells seem to be much lighter; presumably due to lack of iron. Though what we found most shocking is the fact that the plasma is pure mako, which would explains the odd color of her blood. She seems to be powered by the stuff, not unlike the machines we now use.

εуλ 1970 Three years have passed and we were finally able to get some kind of response out of Crystal. Her pulse began to quicken and her mouth moved as if she were trying to speak. Though since the subject remained confined, it was impossible to hear what she attempted to say. Despite this development, our funding on this project his being cut back severely. Plans are being made to transfer the specimen to the Deapground facility where we will be able to continue monitoring her. I refuse to give up…

εуλ 1977 For a full decade, I have watched over Crystal. In all this time she has not aged a single day. Today my patience has finally been rewarded for this woman, whom I’ve been caring for these long years, has finally awoken. It seems she remembers absolutely nothing, which came at no surprise to me. We needed to analyze her vitals but she did not take kindly to our methods and exhibited supernatural strengths, killing two of our researchers with her bare hands. We had theorized that the mako could have mutated her, enhanced her… but the raw power she displayed today was beyond my wildest dreams. We were forced to sedate her until she could be properly restrained. When the tranquilizers wore off, which they did rather quickly I might add, we convinced her to enlist into our newly forming military force. We plan to continue researching her as she serves the company.

εуλ 1978 A blank slate perfect for molding into a model SOLDIER. Crystal seems to be adjusting to her new life rather well. Her enhanced abilities allows her to excel at training that most new recruits seem to struggle with. We've instilled upon her loyalty without question to the company, though she seems to possess some basic instincts that fight against some of our more immoral commands. She also is unable to work together with peers. Crystal seems to lack any social skills which makes communication with teammates beyond difficult.

εуλ 1980 The subject has progressed well over the years and is adjusting well to life as a SOLDIER. Crystal is now a Second Class and takes on missions with the seriousness expected of a model SOLDIER. It took some time, but she is now able to work effectively alongside her peers. At this rate, however, it will be a while before she is able to take a leadership position.

εуλ 1983 Crystal has completed all of the requirements of attaining SOLDIER First Class. She has been tasked with mentoring new recruits on top of her usual duties. Over the past years she has proven to be a capable strategist and combatant. She has also revealed a unique ability to track others by sensing their Life Force signatures. It should be noted that she has been known to talk to herself at times while preforming this ability. Could she be developing a mild form of schizophrenia?

εуλ 1986 I've noticed some abnormalities in Crystal's performance as of late. There would be times when her mood would darken and her physical output would increase exponentially. Directly after, however, she would enter an almost sickly state. We immediately began running tests and discovered the Mako coursing through her veins was beginning to stagnate. Exposure to fresh Mako cleansed the abnormalities. Talks from the higher ups expressed desire to experiment further with this stagnant mako, though as lead scientist I quickly expressed my authority and denied any potential initiatives to use Crystal in tests that would yield such uncertain results.

εуλ 1987 Two decades has passed since we found her and yet Crystal has not aged a single day. By her features I would guess her to be in her early 20s, though her petite stature would have me guess even younger. Could the Mako she had been exposed to be the secret to her continued youth? Her skills have not diminished over the years, if anything only improving. What could be the secret...

εуλ 1992 Thus far I had been much too afraid of causing irreparable damage to this most precious subject in order to proceed with experiments I had deemed too risky. Now, however, with war on our doorstep I'm beginning to push these fears aside. Over the years, Crystal has developed her own personality and is beginning to become aware of herself and her rights as a human being. It will be difficult to persuade her now.

εуλ 1993 Experimentation on Crystal is like treading on eggshells. She seems very responsive to pain and grows aggressive when her limits are reached. We've discovered that excessive exposure to Mako increases her recovery rate. Though her physical strength is limited by her vessel, I theorize that as long as substantial Mako is provided, her mental fortitude and stamina will have no limits. As of yet, we have not had the opportunity to test my theory for the struggles in Wutai have been effectively suppressed by Project S.