My best friend and I have liked each other for a long time. But Her parents think being gay is wrong and Blah blah blah. So we never did anything about it because we were scared what they would do if she came out. So its been a childhood of stolen little kisses when no one was looking, sleep overs where we cuddled just a little closer than “normal” things like that. I love her, I really do.

Well a few years ago when I came out and her parents found out, and we weren’t allowed to be friends anymore. so our stolen little kisses be came sneaking out of the house and spending nights camped under the stars cuddling and sharing kisses that meant everything.

Her parent found out. and sent her away to one of those reform schools. To scare the gay away. And now, well she’s engaged to a young man.

She still talks to me, and tells me she loves me, but the sad thing is I will only every be those stolen little kisses, and nights hidden but the stars.

Just a look inside one of my OC's head. Poor things she's have a ruff time with love right now. heart