Name: Fantine Scaleda; or known as The Phantom of the Scaleda Family by those who fear her.
Age: 20
Birthday: October 1, 2100
Race: Human
Ghost/ Cursed Phantom

Language: Italian, French, English, Japanese. (mostly Italian)
Sex: Female
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5 ft 3 in
Weight: 125 lbs when she assumes her human-like form. Otherwise, why does weight matter to a cursed being?
Hair Color Light orange, kinda like a mango color.
White, in phantom form.

Eye Color: Bright, sky blue
Hometown: Palermo, Sicily
Allies: Scaleda family, specifically Jimmy (Vendetta).
Known Relatives: While she is, of course, related to the <i>entire</i> Scaleda family branch, her most infamous known relative would be her Father, Antoine Scaleda; the founder of the La Phantoma Mafia. She also has a soft spot for her father's best friend, Jimmy, a man he met during his time in the service.
Occupation: A Phantom that wreaks havoc to all enemies of the Scaleda family.
Weapon(s): A Thompson M1A2 with a stick magazine. Upon her gruesome death, the cursed weapon revealed an evil spirit from within; consuming the dying girl in her last hours.
Personality: The once cheerful girl who only wanted to make things better. Now shebhas a split personality. By day, she is the happy Fantine everyone knows but once night arrives, she becomes her monstrous alter ego, a bloodthirsty phantom who takes no mercy to anyone on her hitlist.
Quotable Quotes: "Your blood will make great pavement decor."
Back Story:
Fantine Scaleda was given this name by her Father, Antoine Scaleda. It was a name inspired by his first and favorite musical he had ever seen, Les Miserables. Being the Don's daughter offered many restrictions to the young girl. She would stay at home with her Mother where they were protected 24/7 by bodyguards. Fantine never had interest in living the crime syndicate lifestyle. She disliked having to dwell in the shadows when she could be outside. It was difficult to just host a gathering with the "normal" children on the block without them fearing her gaze. All Fantine ever wanted was to attend a public school like her friends. Sadly, these so-called comrades of hers started to fade away; too frightened to approach the Scaleda residence. She outcast herself from her cousins since all they spoke of was bloodshed and death.

Life didn't dramatically change for Fantine until she was eight, the heir to the Scaleda head was born, Dante. Anytime she was seen with her little brother, Fantine always had a smile on her face. However, she rarely got to see him since Antoine insisted he be exposed to the crime life early. On those days she did play with Dante, he would never stop referring to himself as "the greatest mobster who ever lived."

Truly this boy was brainwashed.

Fantine, however, couldn't help but love Dante. Even while he was young, he understood that this life wasn't meant for her to live in. It was soon that the seven year old Dante proposed a pact to his fifteen year old sister: "On the day I become Don, I'll get you out of here for good sis!"

That was, until it happened.

On a Saturday in mid-Fall, on the way to a Scaleda training facility, the family limo was bombed by a rival family leaving the driver and all passengers dead. Among these deceased was none other than the hopeful heir, Dante Scaleda. Fantine couldn't handle the loss and vowed to become mobster for Dante's sake. She cast aside any fears of dying and would go on jobs without any consent. To her benefit, she completed them before the men did. This greatly bothered the La Phantoma mobsters; leaving them to scorn her for her poor decision making. However, even the simplest of tasks often left her hesitant. The Daddy's girl side of her always kept her from firing but the voice in her head was the push she needed to get the job done... for Dante's sake.

"That girl will never know her place in this world..." - Antoine Scaleda

--------Continuation-----------After the Accident

Many months passed since the death of Dante and Fantine's solo acts became known by her own family as well as enemies. Antoine urged her to discontinue these acts but being the stubborn girl she was, it met no end. She was rather successful on her own; even good enough to deny help from the family. On one particular night, she felt she'd break the ties she had with her father. She would take on a hit the Scaledas had failed to achieve victory from even with the manpower they had. Antoine pleaded with her to stay home and let the boys do it...she refused.

It was the Rosa family mansion she was to infiltrate; the ongoing sworn rival of the Scaledas. Little did she know that she was on personal watch by her father and the Rosa's Don, Carlito. She didn't make it very far across the courtyard before she was caught and carried inside. Antoine's men pursued her, but once they reached the Don it was too late. They had found her deceased body nude lying in a pool of blood. Her eyes were shot out after the horrifying rape; the blood pool's source. As a firearms battle ensued, a purple mist arose from Fantine's Thompson and entered her body through the eye sockets. By then, Antoine's lackies were on the verge of dying--one bullet away--and then her hands started to twitch. She lifted herself up and stood in between the crossfire before her brethren as the last shots meant to kill them attacked her instead. Fantine didn't flinch nor did she stagger, so more bullets were fired by Carlito and his bodyguards. Again, the results were the same. Out of desperation, Carlito pulled a knife on Fantine and stabbed her repeatedly. She grabbed hold of his hand and inflicted the same amount of damage (maybe more);killing him and the other men serving him at that time. As for her rescuers, they were scared sh*tless. Fantine had them promise her that they tell her father she was dead, and so they did.

Now she does her jobs undercover, protecting her family from suffering the same fate she had. However, she isn't always successful for her weakness spread like wildfire. Holy water. Because of this, she wasn't able to protect her parents from untimely death. A new Don assumed the position; a familiar face to the young Fantine. It was Jimmy, or as he goes by, Vendetta who took charge of his best friend's mafia. Unlike Antoine, he knew that Fantine was still alive but not as she used to be. Afterr the funeral of both her parents, Fantine and Jimmy made a "contract." She was to be his private bodyguard and ace-in-the-hole when all else fails.