So I am watching turbo, it is funny it's my second time watching. Samuel l Jackson is really funny in this and so is Pena from end of watch I love how this movie is a brother to brother relationship and how not everything will be agreed between them but they have to support each other no matter what b/c they are blood and skin. 3nodding biggrin heart

But not just between the snails but also between Tito and Angelo, the taco seller Mexicans who are trying to make ends meet by selling tacos of course the big bro Angelo doesn't agree with his lill bro Tito's grand ideas to sell their food and sticks to the ground rules while Tito wants bigger and better. Along with his human and snail friends, they make it to the Indy 500 and race against all the race guys esp the main villian who is a big douche and just a fake.

This movie is really awe inspiring and much feels in it. Hehe.