Two week and I'm still crying as if she had died only yesterday. Mom told me that she had just passed away when I got home. I missed her leaving.... I think it was for the best, I be far more worse emotional if I had seen her go, but now knowing she had just gone before I got home, it doesn't make it better. But she's in a better place, whatever was hurting her or anything, can't get to her anymore. That part makes me happy.

I know its going to take time for me to move on, she was a pet but she was my baby for so long, and to me, because some people will disagree, she was my child. She had a name, she was a living thing, she needed taking care of and had likes and dislikes and I made have not given birth to her but I adopted her and took care of her as best as I could.

Hopefully next week I'll be better so she can rest azure I'm ok with her being gone.