I had so many things to do this event, that I decided to write a journal entry about it for memories. heart

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For the pre-event gold sink, I donated 100,000 gold to receive the Jack's Celebration Hat item and Jack-Pot achievement. I finished collecting my 3 sets of the ToTing items halfway into the event. No NPC costumes really stood out for me this year. emotion_8c

I had such a hard time choosing a side and class for the forum battle. gonk I always choose the good/cute side which seemed like EB, but he was intent on revenge which is bad and Justine pointed out that Jack is the king of Halloween so I finally chose to side with Jack. As for the class, I always used to pick ninjas but I decided to pick clerics from now on (since I started playing Ragnarok 2 for the Gaia promo) because they seemed more Christian, lol.

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On October 19th, I received a not so anonymous art in my PM (because I have gifting turned off). So I alone know the identity of artanon but s/he made me promise not to tell! emotion_dowant heart This beautiful art kicked off my Halloween to a great start! I'm sad to take it off my sig now since Halloween is over and I changed my avi. sad

This was before I turned into a zombie for the Zombie Parade. arrow

I also made a Draw the Avatar Above You thread but it bombed horribly because there were too many things for me to do this event. sweatdrop

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Ridley came up with an idea for a FA's version of staff events during Halloween: FAlloween. I hosted a dice game to win aviart from me, and it turned out well except for the fact that I procrastinated and finished the last 3 winners 7 days after FAlloween ended. sweatdrop I'm glad I finished them before the event forum closed tomorrow, though. I also guest judged the scary stories contest and found a new favorite story (Leaves by Stultuscaudex). Irised hosted a zombie parade, which was super fun even if there were only a few of us. It's not often I can have an excuse to go crazy in towns and start biting/annoying everyone. 4laugh I successfully converted Mr Penwin and Lapin de Gaufre.
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I wasn't able to get all the items and achievements for the forum battle or Switch'em. I was really annoyed that I reached level 13 in Switch'em and then bought a shuffle bomb that made my game freeze when I used it. stressed And work prevented me from battling for hours a day, but I mostly just attacked/killed Plant and got him to level 3 as a result, too. wink I tried my best to level up as fast as I could in the very last hours of the event which proved to be futile because I ended up being so close to 500 heals and level 7. sweatdrop I would rather have gotten the 500 heal achievement than the 500 attacks one, but there were no Jacks to heal during the event. stressed So, bleh.

Final Stats:
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