It's the main reason to anticipate the holidays.

Me and Luis are 10 months in. We were living in an okay house that was kind of falling apart, but the wait was worth it, here we are in this nice beautiful huge house on the east side, where he grew up. Literally, this is the house he grew up in - his mom held on to it throughout her real estate career and he's lucky enough to be able to rent it from her, here in his 20s, after traveling abroad and serving in the Navy.
He's a very lucky man and I'm impossibly lucky to have him.

I've lost 50 pounds now since meeting Luis. However in the last 2 weeks I have had an extra 10 floating on me, it'll go away after the holidays. Its ******** COLD here.

Today, I'm drinking coffee creamed with egg nog, cleaning the house, and I guess passively internetting otherwise, until my baby gets home from work.

No matter how much we quarrel over the small things, These are the memories I'll treasure for life.The moments I'll be watching before my eyes as I die.