Round 1

gaia_diamond Game officially starts.
The First Threat
Are you ready to die this game!

Sent to: Dreaming Over

The Second Threat
You're top on my hit list! wink

Sent to: -Candii_Sweet-

iBalthier casts the first vote, for momo-ai13.

The First Clue
Even the most benign people have Bloody Lusting secrets to hide.
You better be truly fearful...

Hi, I'm detective Dr. Van Hellsing, here is the clue for this round.

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy, momo-ai13

Serethielle votes for Fluitare.

gaia_diamond Pandelic DJ posts a list of profiles.

Specifically Suspicions Anon
I think -Candii_Sweet- Faked the anon that she got to throw people off the fact that they are Dracula. The song on their profile is true love... Blood could = heart and lusting could = love for a vampire. Benign synonyms are tenderhearted, benevolent, kind, friendly, which people with these quality's are often looked as being Sweet people.

Sent to: XxStephy_BaybexX, Artistic Wizard

Seren Cian votes for Artistic Wizard.

Stardust Aluna votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

The Specifically Suspicions Anon is revealed to have misgendered -Candii_Sweet-.

drakokatze begins compiling the first recap list.

Niccolo Ammaniti votes for iBalthier.

The Third Threat
Be careful what you post, it makes you more of a target. wink

Sent to: -Candii_Sweet-

gaia_gaiagold -Candii_Sweet- mentions getting three more anons shortly after The Third Threat.

sai the hokage votes for Israphal.

Israphal revenge votes for sai the hokage.

DjAngelicHentai votes for momo-ai13.

corvusRevenge votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

Kyllorac votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

Vigoureux votes for wildgoat.

Proletariat Porno votes for iBalthier.

momo-ai13 votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

123jimmy321 votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

Elyralith votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

XxStephy_BaybexX votes for Puchny.

The Second Clue
Round 1 clue received:
I DARE you to come after me, you will FAIL.

the Hunter

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy, drakokatze, Elyralith, 123jimmy321

Earthbound LoveGoddess votes for wildgoat.

The Ghost Speaks Up
Ive done some snooping around. I followed Candii everywhere he went, though there was nothing that pointed him out as the killer. Don't listen to what you are being told by the accuser. ~ The Ghost of the Monster Bash

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy

EYES on You 1
I know you sent out that anon. I have my eyes on you. O.O

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy

Artistic Wizard votes Elyralith.

EYES on You 2
Or they know the Truth. Remember my EYES are on you. *-*

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy

First Friendly Anon
Cheer up buddy.

Sent to: Pandelic DJ

Commentary Anon
Anons these days....

Sent to: Earthbound LoveGoddess

Pandelic DJ votes for Faerie KatrinaZ.
The Lonely Lily
You seem suspicious.

The Lonely Lily

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy

A Killer
I know who is going to die this round, but don't worry you're not this round.

Sent to: drakokatze

EYES on You #3
Looks like Some one else has their eyes on you also O_0

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy

luzhikari votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

Sparrow Puppy votes for wildgoat.
Skeptical Anon
Are you sure you can trust that anon?

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy

Dreaming Over votes for wildgoat.

The Third Clue
I've been searching for Dracula left and right and have managed to uncover a clue to his true identity.

"Procrastination at its best."

What could this mean?

Sent to: Pandelic DJ, Sparrow Puppy

gaia_diamond Reminder for special roles to send in actions.

A Hellsing 1
In case you haven't noticed yet.... the other messages claiming to be from Van Hellsing are fake.

It's quite curious to me as to why there were anons sent out in my name so early in the game.

Why must we hide behind these masks? It's so easy for the monsters to sneak in...

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy

aMiraLee votes for Iuzhikari.

wildgoat votes for Earthbound LoveGoddess.

-Candii_Sweets- reveals that he is a lover.

-Candii_Sweets- votes for wildgoat.

bloodysword4 votes for -Candii_Sweets-.

A Hellsing 2
The clue is "Procrastination at its best."

I'm talking more about earlier... those "clues right from the start"

Sent to: Sparrow Puppy

Jackalust votes for -Candi_Sweet-.

illumimi votes for the dragon craft.

Starri votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

Aliice In Wonderland votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

gaia_diamond Last warning to vote.

Japonisme votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

Faerie KatrinaZ votes for Pandelic DJ.

gaia_gaiagold wildgoat claims to be just a human.

Fluitare votes for Serethielle.

A Friendly Neighborhood Incubus 1
Here's a consolation prize. <3

- a friendly neighborhood incubus

amity <3

Sent to: -Candii_Sweet-, wildgoat

Frustrated Anon
oh, come on! you were all so close, but you Passed Over the real killer.

Sent to: Pandelic DJ, 123jimmy321, momo-ai13, Fluitare

Amorous Anon
Will you have my babies? //oops

Sent to: Kyllorac

drakokatze votes for -Candii_Sweet-.

A Friendly Neighborhood Incubus 2
No one deserves to be lonely, especially not a lovely fairy lady like you. Consider this a friendly little invitation from a friendly neighborhood incubus. <3

Sent to: Faerie Katrinaz

A Friendly Neighborhood Incubus 3
We all need somebody to love~ and the more, the merrier! Talk to you later~

- a friendly neighborhood incubus

Sent to: Japonisme

gaia_diamond Death Scenes posted.

Round Length: 25 pages

Running Tally

1 Lover Pair (Earthbound LoveGoddess and illumimi)
The Hunter (drakokatze)

1 Lover (-Candii_Sweet-)

Innocents Lost: 4
Killers Found: 0