Like omg! What a conceited little b***h I was ahahaha. Whatever I was like 13 okay, don't judge me. I've definitely gotten better, I mean like I'm fabulous but I don't shout to the heavens about it. Well I'm like 17 now and yeah.... Gaia used to be so much fun...what happened? Well, I guess I'm not friends with any of the people I used to talk to on here so that makes sense. Idk, I still love this website. Omg, totally going off topic but in 2007 I was part of like a roleplaying forum that was a bar or whatever and I was reading all of my posts and I died. Like actual heart attack death. First of all, who taught me to spell, my sentences were atrocious. My job in the bar was a dancer, and for some stupid reason on one post I said I was coming back from middle school. First of all...what. WHO IN MIDDLE SCHOOL WORKS AS A DANCER IN A BAR. Second of all, how did none of them realize I was 12 when I was posting haha. It's embarrassing to read but hilarious at the same time. Okay well enough of this. Nobody's going to read this journal entry haha. No wait, that's a lie. I'll probably log in again in like a year or two and read this so uh hi future Taylor. How's being an adult? Oh, it ******** sucks? I would imagine it does. Okay uh, bye. dramallama dramallama