This is going against my Journal rules, I know o:
This isn't cosplay, this isn't selfies, this isn't art... This is an
about me

* Yes, I like WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, INC (Yes, I'm aware hardly any of it is real.)) - I like Tyler Kluttz (Brad Maddox), CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and I hate Alberto Del Rio.
* I love penguins
* I love noodles
* I like Muppets a lot
* I love everything from the 1900's
* I love James Deen <3 I seriously want him for my birthday
* Tim Burton is my "idol" (I don't believe in idols but he's amazing and he's inspiration)
* I don't like labels but I'll use them
* Not religious
* home-schooled (for all those who ask me, because I'm tired of being asked, yes I enjoy it to the best of my ability) after six years i finally go to a public school- 2015
* I don't like metal or dubstep
* About that WWE life
* I'm short and petite- around 5'1
* more to come. k?k

My Skype is: whalexnuker - Please include your gaia username in the add