this guild is about the new Hybrid Pokemon species in the Pokemon world.

A brand new species of Pokemon, that are much rare then any legends in the Pokemon regions. They are known as the Pokemon hybrid species. They are Pokemon who can to humans and Pokemon alike, they have a form of a Pokemon and can changed into a human form and talk normal towards humans. They have no interest in any human but the strongest trainer or person who rises their interest all through out their body and soul.

Anyways they are normal pokemon with no greater power then the Legends, but their abilities and the legends have the equal amount of power and strength.

divided into three main family groups, can create and extra kind of family.

~ Medieval Family( uses Monarchy) ~ The regal family of Hybrids.

~ Modern Family( uses congress democracy.) into Modern family family laws. ~

Future Family( ruled by all kinds of electricity and Electronic devices.( goes by their own rules and Laws.)

~ Medieval family Members: ~

True King ( Risinlyit)

Crowned Prince ( Rinslet) also known as Resh.

2nd Prince: (Winyetan)

3rd Prince: (Tivern)

4th prince: (Couver)

5th Prince: (Sirius)

6th Prince: ( Jiro)

7th Prince: ( Silivanen)

8th Prince: ( Horrondi)

Pricesses :

1st Princess: ( Serine)

2nd Princess: ( Maranda)


In the region of