1. They have Retractable tongues that grow from 6 feet when born to 14 feet at max
when young and some tongues are bland or have designs and different colors and are super strong and very flexible.
The normal plain color tounges
2. The Sweeter the omni the more unpopular and nerdy they are considered.
The crazier and freakier they are like born with a defect would make them more popular.
3. Sex ed is very important cause boys and girls can both get pregnant from each other
like girls getting girls pregnant and boys getting boys pregnant ect.
4. Each Omni Has an Addiction
that they can't live without it can be crazy or it can be sweet.
to not indulge the addiction causes them great forces of trauma
(example: stabbing addiction, glow paint addiction, bondage ....Ect)
5. There under eye marks and weird mouth are same color
and they have no teeth there mouth is naturally strong
but most common color of omni's eye marks and mouth mark is black.
6. there pupils can be weird
(ex. smashed, swirls, and heart signal ect..)
7. You can make them freak of nature
or have irregularities which make them popular xP
a mutation means you will be highly beloved cause the wierder the better
they have a high brain capacity and most of there popular world inventions are formulas
formula inventions come with great cost though, so any great formula like living forever isn't worth the negative reaction to go with it
8. they very good with cybernetics and sometimes make crazy machines fused on there bodies
9. there basic deathly skin colors unless they got a mutation then they might end up looking mango skinned
10. There tounge is there main source of transportation
also thought of the main muscle some like to buff there tounge up
or if they eat too much then they can get all the wieght to there tounge
11. There world is dark themed and so is most all of there stuff
like poison lakes, bloody seas with black fog, and the dangerzone
(the dangerzone is where all the violent omni killing addictions go or anyone who wants to live in a society with no rules and just anarchy)
12. They got a variety of species of animals that are scary but alot of omni's love drinking toxic waste like energy drinks the barrels really quench there thirst.