There are honestly days where I sit down and just wonder how the hell time works.
How nothing stops and nothing lasts forever, or even the fact that boredom will last an eternity and boredom kills so stop doing that right now and do something.

My summer went by brutally quickly. Since May its been, work, family from greece are coming, work, work, more family from greece, university stuff, work double shifts, btw there's a wedding soon buy a ******** dress, hang out with friends once a week, btw you work extra today, quick get stuff for the wedding, oh wait more family, oh hey is it the end of july HOLY s**t HUGE WEDDING, get dragged out to bars, workworkwork, family goes back to greece, university stuff and then what the ******** how did it get to be so close to September?

That's literally 4 months encompassed in a poorly written paragraph...
Throw in a ******** ton of playing time for Animal Crossing New Leaf and welcome to my life, mon amis, here's a popper and Greek to English dictionary, enjoy.

And there are things which I still have yet to complete because I was busy during the day. Number oooone. My drivers license! GODDAMN. The one thing I had to do and I never got a chance! My only real day off was Wednesday and every Wednesday it was OFF TO THE MYSTICAL LAND OF OZ FOR THE DAY WITH FAMILY AND/OR FRIENDS. Then I get back at like 2 in the morning and can't sleep until 6 then I wake up at 9 or 11 and bam, company arrives next day by the time 4 roles around I either had to work or clean. Go figure that s**t out. And it's not like I have to write anything, I just need to exchange my forms from my incident.. two years ago...Holy s**t it's been two years.

Number two. My damn health card. Go figure insurance does not work well without a legit health card.
Number three. Go to the doctors. This is more of a confession to a certain someone peoples but... I haven't gone to the doctors in probably 3 years or more. I clearly have put no effort into taking care of myself.

But bonus I did lose 40 pounds on a strict diet without working out, so yes I'm feeling fantastic and you know what I love the MOST? I never say "I'm tired." anymore. I used to say I was tired like it was my name. I literally went years saying it at least once a day. Since I cut out gluten though, I'm doing phenomenally. My wheat allergy assures me this.

That's the thing I'm thinking about again, time is ******** up. I'm going to University THIS Sunday. I'm up, up and away. Not even four months ago I was thinking. "******** that, I got time." Turns out, no I don't, I lied to myself. Like, College was pretty good to me. I got the marks I needed. I was, for the first time in my life, an A+ student. BUT UNIVERSITY. Oh and BTW to those who don't know, I'm going for the Bachelor of Science Psychology, which means I get to have fun with Physics and calculus and chemistry, I can already see the panic attacks and the nights of tumblr procrastination.

I want to point out something else which is irreversibly messing with my brain. I've been on Gaia, this silly little avatar site, FOR. EIGHT. YEARS.
This site has entries from when I was still young. I mean 15. Those entries are hidden now mind you, but they serve me a painful reminder of what a bloomin' s**t stain I was but the greatest part of my old entries is how I literally flip my s**t over getting 10k and now I can literally rake in over 500k with an old item sitting pretty in my inventory. It's so silly. They also hold the entries from when I was in highschool. It's quite the adventure to go back and read how I panicked about this test, or I met this friend. AND how much school I skipped. Holy s**t, literally every 2nd entry is just me being flippant about the fact that I was feeling ill so I stayed home. And the all-nighters, well I still stay up until 6 in the morning every other day. Like today. Somethings just can't change. hahaha!

I'd also like to point out that for some reason, I feel the need to ridicule my younger self. I have an entry on LiveJournal (What the ********, amirite?) Of me mocking my silly 10 year old self when I was 13. Okay, weird. Later, on neopets, I have a conversation saved with me and a friend, saying how silly I was at 13, when I'm 15. MUCH later. On Gaia. I'm 17, mocking all of my younger reincarnations. Then at 19, I'm literally like "oh yeah, I was retarded but I'm better now."
So since I'm gonna be 23 in less than a week, I should probably hold up the tradition and make fun of what a silly kid I was. ******** that, I'm still that silly kid that tried to lock her friend in a kids play house. And that silly kid who got caught in her window sill being an idiot.

I can't comprehend how so much has changed. Two years ago was the game changer, about Greece when it wasn't as stable and my poor decisions. Things come back to bite you in the a** if you're not careful. Also put you and debt, and people who you think are friends are sometimes not and trying to kill you. You may think the last one is a joke... I'm not joking. Please be careful, people be cray and sometimes, well, someone wants you to hurt.

I've just spent an hour reading through the old entries laughing like a moron because oh my god the things I forgot about. Like, christ. The contests and the winners and me bitching about tales of symphonia 2 dawn of a new world, hating on peeps and s**t.
Hahaha. Oh s**t. Better get to bed.
it's packing day tomorrow. I, uh, really need to haul a** and set my s**t straight because I should've packed a week ago, but there were games to play and I wanted to be lazy as all hell before I left to slave for another 3 years in University. totally shaved a year off of my program bitches. also totally used the system for my own gain.

I've always said I'm one lucky son of a b***h.

Also I swear I'll make an entry of my thoughts on Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us and anything that gives me feels because oh god Joel and Booker and Elizabeth and Ellie #mybabies #ohmygod