I recently learned a bit about self publications. One of the things that stuck with me most was that the authors were responsible for promoting their own writing, even if they are published by a major publishing company. (It did make a lot of what Helen Stringer posts about make sense.) In that spirit, I have come up with a three or four part plan for spreading my own writing. The only thing I'm hung up on is some aspects of copyright.

Basically, I'm going to make a monthly zine of a short story and place them around campus for free. Then include a link to a website with bonuses, including previous zines. This way I can garner a readership before I release any stories for money. I think I am going to use the Super Sick as the basis. It is nice because the pilot's already been written. Part of me still wants to do Blackheart, but the fact is that I need to get better at writing mysteries before I can hammer those out, and the pilot still needs to be written. I also need a better title, and series title for Super Sick.