Today I was bored out of my mind trying to
keep myself busy so today I have made
this journal entry for all my friends to see
when they show up. I have made these
characters in my spare time thanks to the
new game Soul Calibur 5 and its customization
engine. The characters you see are: Me, Kyoshi,
Kyoshi Kingdom Hearts RP, Harka14, Dark_Yoru,
and Steffy-chan's Yuuki from the Kingdom Hearts RP.
I will also explain where the ideas came from so
don't be alarmed if you don't know where.
I'll post them. Anyway on with the show.

User Image

User ImageUser Image
Harka14, which is my gf, hers was made from the pic she has on her profile of the maid in a light blue outfit. (Style: Natsu)

User ImageUser Image
Dark_Yoru: Now master yours wasn't very difficult,
but it was the best work I ever done for yours on
your profile (sorry couldn't do the eyes well enough).
For you others that don't know what it is its this:
User Image (Style: Ivy)

User ImageUser Image

Now for those who noticed, yes, this is Kyoshi.
Had a hard time with his outfit and finding the
right weapon for his sword, keyblade, guns and
his whiskers. other than that this is him as he
is now as you can see. (Style: Cervantes)

User ImageUser Image

As you can plainly see this is Yuuki, Steffy-chan's
Kingdom Hearts RP character that I made for when
me and Steffy-chan were Rping about it even now. Here's hers:
User Image(Style: Leixia)

User ImageUser Image
This one I confess I made this one up by creativity.
This is my Kingdom Hearts RP character. Same
name even. If you want story you'll have to ask me later.
(Style: Mitsurugi)

And Finally:
User ImageUser Image (Style: Devil Jin ((Tekken)))

Me. And I mean the real me. But don't be fooled the ears,
tail, bag and collar are just additional due to my personality.
Ears and tail resemble fox items which means I love foxes,
the bag symbolizes my PS3 that I bring everywhere with
me when I visit my friends and gf, and lastly the collar means
I am taken in more than 1 way. (gf, master, best friend, etc.)
So that is it. Hope you all enjoyed my customizations and hope
you leave a comment for them. Later.