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Zexal Dueling School This is about a boy who got hacked and is trying to fit in once again but on a different crazy adventure

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LAST TIME ON YUGIOH GAIA!!! the final tornament battle was at an end when Tekusen beat Mechiro with his rainbow dragon....now its time for his big adventure into the university...lets get back to the show!!!

(it opens at Tekusens house at 7 pm during dinner time)

TEKUSEN: (mouth full of food) mmmm mom thats really good cooking...your a really good cook mom ^H^

(we see a lady named Kiko thats my mom...DONT MAKE FUN OF ME!!!)

KIKO: well Tekusen, you seem very happy, whats gotten into you?

TEKUSEN: ohhhh nothing.

SHIRA: hey Tekusen aren't you gonna tell mom that you

(Tekusen taps her foot as a sign of shut up)

SHIRA: owww meanie >3<

KIKO: hey you two be nice.


KIKO: now whats this about you Tekusen?


TEKUSEN: well hehehe its funny to say mom but ya know how i always wanted to go to duel university...

KIKO: (picking up the dishes) hmmm many many times...but im still gonna tell you we dont have the money for it...im working two jobs and we cant afford it so my answer is no.

TEKUSEN: i kinda figured you would go there...but what if i said i won a free scholarship to duel university?

KIKO: then i would say good job and no you still cant go

SHIRA: (giggling) hehehe your not going la la laa la laaa la

KIKO: (shocked) you actually won a scholarship, how did you win?!

TEKUSEN: well there was this tornament and i sorta won against Mechiro

KIKO: (really shocked) WHAT, you beat my boss's son, oh gosh im soooo fired

(the phone rings and its Mechiro's Dad and Shira answers)

SHIRA: hello, who is calling....MOMMY ITS YOUR BOSS!!!

KIKO: (picks up the phone and answers) hello?....y-y-yes sir! yes sir.. of course! thank you goodbye... *hangs up and dances happily*

SHIRA: (sees her dancing and joins in) why are we dancing?

KIKO: i got that promotion i have been getting!!

TEKUSEN: (angry) im very happy for ya (leaves the table and slams the door)

SHIRA: (still dancing) uh huh she got it she got it oh yeah yeah yeah (stops and looks at mom)

KIKO: (feeling bad about this and looks up at his door sad)

*Tekusen begins to looka t his deck and throws it at the wall and it scatters and as soon as the noise echoes thru the wall, Kiko comes up*

KIKO: Sweetie listen i know you wanna go but...

TEKUSEN: (interupting) how come i cant go, i proven myself to be a great duelist, and when an opportunity comes up i get shut down.

KIKO: (nervous but the good kind of nervous) sweetie i dont want you to go because of your father.

*Tekusen soon realizes why he duels, because his father lost in a shadow game and left him with his cards*

KIKO: (looking at him) i know you miss him, we all do, he protected us (she notices the cards on the ground) but your father means well when he says trust the cards (she picks them up and puts them back together)

TEKUSEN: mom im 19, the only fun i get to do out of the house is roam the neighborhood, i wanna go on an adventure and become the worlds number one
duelist, just like dad...with his deck i have improved i know my strengths and weaknesses, i also know how to be alert, mom im ready...and its not like im gonna be leaving forever, i will come back i promise.

KIKO: (sighs) your just like your father, free spirited, full of life...(gives it some thought) well ok.

TEKUSEN (hugging her tightly) ohhhh thanks mom ohhhh thank you thank you thank you!!! (rushes to pack)

KIKO: (giggles) careful you'll hurt yourself.

Well you saw it here he is on his way to the academy and happy about it as well, what adventures will soon seek our faithful Tekusen?! find out next time on YUGIOH GAIA!!!

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