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Zexal Dueling School This is about a boy who got hacked and is trying to fit in once again but on a different crazy adventure

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LAST TIME ON YUGIOH GAIA...Hitoro put on quite a fight against Mechiro...

HITORO: what are you talking about....

Ok he lost big deal anyway mechiro beat hitoro in less than 5 turns and soon made a deal with Tekusen in the finals...if Tekusen won Mechiro had to give back all the cards he stole from the kids and from his best friend, but if Mechiro won, Tekusen would have to give him his deck and never duel again....now with that being said here is YUGIOH GAIA!!!!

(we see a huge stage lit up like its christmas, and we use a huge area to show how big it is)

ANNOUCER JEFF: Ok folks, its the moment you all been waiting for, its the final round...in this round its Tekusen vs Mechiro.

RORAK: i sure hope Tekusen wins, if he doesnt, he will never duel again.

MILLINA sad in her mind) come on tekusen, kick his sorry butt

(the fire works go off which is a sign that the duel has started)

MECHIRO: i will go first...(draws) ha i place one card face down and end my turn your move.

TEKSEUN: fine then HA (draws), i summon Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle in attack mode (ATK: 1400, DEF: 800), Cobalt Eagle attack, Coblat Crash!!

MECHIRO: I activate my trap card Zero Gravity, to change all monsters battle positions....hahaha

TEKUSEN: fine i place one card face down and end my turn.

MECHIRO: fine HA (draws) hehehe i place one monster in face down defense position and end my turn your move

TEKUSEN: ok then (draws nervously) i summon Crystal beast Amethyst cat in attack mode (ATK: 1200, DEF: 400) and i equip her with Crystal Release which gives her an 800 attack point boost making her attack 2000, now i activate her ability, Amethyst Cat attack directly


TEKUSEN (4000) MECHIRO (3000)

TEKUSEN: my cat can attack you directly but her attack points are cut in half during the damage step, i end my turn with a face down your move

MECHIRO: huh i got hit for 1000 damage grrr no (shakes his head and draws) hehehe i play card destruction, our whole hand goes to the grave yard and we draw the same amount of cards, and also i sent my Goldd to the graveyard and now he is special summoned and when he is special summoned from the graveyard i can destroy two cards on the field and i destroy your, Eagle and Cat.

TEKUSEN: when my equip card is destoryed in general i can put one crystal beast card from my deck into the spell and trap card zone and i choose my sapphire pegasus.


TEKUSEN: i activate my trap card Rainbow Path, i send my sapphire pegasus from my spell and trap card zone to the grave yard to negate the attack and add one rainbow dragon from my grave yard to my hand.

MECHIRO: fine i end my turn your move

TEKUSEN: ok i DRAW!! (draws) haha i play crystal tree which means when ever a crystal beast card is sent to the spell and trap card zone, this card gains a crystal counter, and thats not all i play Crystal blessing, which allows me to take two crystal beast cards from the grave yard and put them in the spell and trap card zone as continuos spell cards and i choose my pegasus and my eagle, now my final card in my hand the card to end this duel and beat you once and for all...i send my cobalt eagle and my sapphire pegasus and my crystal tree to the grave yard in order to play the card my dad gave me, and the card that shows the light in the darkest places, HAMON LORD OF STRIKING THUNDERS!!! (ATK: 4000, DEF: 4000) NOW GO HAMON!! STRKING THUNDER BLAST!!! ATTACK HIS GOLDD!!

TEKUSEN (4000) MECHIRO (1300)

and also when my hamon attacks a monster successfully you get hit for 1000 points of damage.

TEKUSEN (4000) MECHIRO (300)

your move.

MECHIRO: Hehehe you think that one card will stop me i know more than you know, seeing as though you have a huge god card on your side of the field it still wont be a problem to me and when i draw this one card you will be sorry (draws and it shows Ravelle lord of Phantasms) hahaha its all over for you kid!!

TEKUSEN: (sounding evil and corrupted by the card) what do you mean i lost

RORAK: what is up with Teku this isnt like him.

MECHIRO: you forgot that i still have 300 life points left and that im still standing and that monster is the only thing on the field and now its my turn (draws) i play pot of greed which allows me to draw two cards and now i use monster reincarnation im going to discard my second Goldd in order to put my first Goldd into my hand and seeing as though Goldd was discarded it is special summoned and his ability activates now say goodbye to your Lord (it gets destroyed) now ATTACK GOLDD

TEKUSEN (1700) MECHIRO (300)

i end with a face down your move.

TEKUSEN: (a little dizzy from the possession from hamon) oh right i draw (draws) and i also play my pot of greed (draws two cards) and i play one of them go swords of revealing light and i summon topaz tiger in attack mode and end my turn

MECHIRO: fine (draws) i summon beige vanguard of darkworld in attack mode and end my turn

TEKUSEN: i draw (draws) and i summon crystal beast emrald tortoise in attack mode and i end my turn

MECHIRO: i play my favorite monster GOBLIN KING!!! and when he is on the field he gets a 1000 point boost for each fiend on the field so he is at 2500 also he cant be targeted when there is another fiend on the field, i end my turn.

TEKUSEN: (draws and thinks) oh man i have one sword left i better get him on the field, i summon amber mammoth in attack mode and end my turn.

MECHIRO: (draws) i place one card face down and end my turn.

TEKUSEN sad puts hand on the top of his deck and is about to draw and thinks) oh man i need my special friend on the field lets hope this works, (draws) YEAH i play my monster reborn and summon back my crystal beast sapphire pegasus in attack mode and now i activate his ability, and i take my ruby carbuncle from my deck and put in in the spell and trap card zone, now i end my turn.

MECHIRO: your gonna lose like that really thats all you got how pathetic (draws) now its time i sacrafice my 3 fiends in order to summon RAVELLE LORD OF PHANTASM!!! and now attack his tiger



TEKUSEN: (looking down with tears on his face) i have been bullied, i have had the worst days of my life, i saved up enough money to go to this school to relize it was full, IM GOING TO TAKE YOU DOWN NOW (draws) YEAH, i special summon my best friend from my hand RAINBOW DRAGON!!! he can only be speical summoned if i have 7 different crystal beast cards on me field or in the grave and now i activate his ability i send the rest to the grave in order to destroy all cards on the field except for him




ANNOUCER JEFF: and the winner of the scholarship tornament is... TEKUSEN!!!

(Rorak, Millina, and Shira run up to him and tackle hug him)

RORAK: you did it man!!

SHIRA: yeah way to go big bro

MILLINA: i knew you could do it (kisses his cheek)

TEKUSEN: (blushing) hehehe it was nothing sweatdrop (looks at mechiro) HEY the cards you promised.

MECHIRO: (throws the bag of cards to him) whatever

TEKUSEN: (putting his hand out) that was a pretty good duel smile

MECHIRO: (laughing) hahahaha thats funny you beat me and you think im gonna shake hands with you i only wanted to win this so i could teach all these losers a lesson about breaking dreams but you stopped me so im still going to the Duel University and i better not run into you there. (walks away)

(tekusen, shira, millina and rorak look at him walk away)

ANNOUCER JEFF: So that ends the tornament but what dangers will tekusen find while he leaves, what will happen after he arrives, and what will he do about Mechiro...find out next time on YUGIOH GAIA!!!

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