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Thoughts of Tobias
Airports | Toby Thoughts
Recently, I've been going on planes non-stop. I think I go on one every two days. It's gotten to the point where I've been having to sleep in an airport terminal - I'm in one right now. What I found is that the "receiving" end of the terminal has much nicer floors than the "sending" side of the terminal. Carpet is clean - you can tell it's vacuumed daily. Sometimes the massage chairs are unoccupied so you can sleep in those. People don't judge either - especially because it's so late at night and they just want to go wherever they need to go. As the days go on, it's been so much easier trying to go to sleep. Music and headphones are a necessity though, I mean, it would be impossible to sleep with that much noise going on. What has gotten me paranoid, though, is that I've heard horror stories of people waking up with only their headphones. No MP3, no Android, no suitcase, nothing. Luckily, no one has stolen my stuff. I am really protective when it comes to my things - I sleep with suitcase zippers facing my back so if anybody tries to pickpocket anything, I'll probably wake up... hopefully

Just a tip for any readers: If you can, try not to solo travel.

You wouldn't leave any suitcase sitting down on a chair while you take a leak would you? Even if you're gone for just a few minutes - hell, even a few seconds. You can imagine how hard it would be having to travel alone! I've been taking my suitcases to the bathroom with me - those rolley ones. It's a hell of an inconvenience to the other guys since I place them in a urinal spot, but hey, they understand.
Back to solo travelling, it is a pain to have to wake yourself up to get ready for a flight. When I'm with a friend or family member, we usually take shifts so we can both have some sleeping hours. Without that other person I've been trying to rely on alarms and other things. From just the past couple weeks, I've had more than one occasion where I didn't wake up in time and I had to just take a later flight. Many silent apologies to every schedule I messed up because of those times. However, I did try out a little what-I-call strategy to be able to wake up in time:

- First of all, you should have some sticky notepads and a pencil or pen or even eyeliner if you ladies and adventurous men prefer.
- Once you got those, just write "Wake me up at [insert time here]" on a 4 or 5 notes
- After that, just stick them on your forehead, shoulder, walls near you - any place where you somebody would be able to see them

Doesn't sound like it would work right? It does, depending on the time. If you have some early travelers bypassing you, they'll usually tap on your shoulder. If, for any reason, you have a midnight flight and you decide to go to sleep, this method may not work, especially if your airport isn't busy at night. If I were in that situation, I would just use those sticky notes for entertainment. If you're like me and you have so many suitcases that the only time you'll be willing to go somewhere is the restroom, then you'll be needing on-the-spot entertainment too. Personally, I would always go around the terminal before deciding on a spot to stay. Depending on the airport you use, you may have dozens of shops to go look around and maybe buy a cheap thing or two that'll keep you entertained. Or, of course, play some games on your android. Just hope you have an outlet nearby.

Another Tip: Something I got from "Sleepinginairports.net", if you bring a multi-input outlet, you'll definitely be loved by other airport campers.

I tried this out just 3 nights ago. It's really efficient to just have 5 things charging at once, rather than just 2 things. I mean, everybody wants their turn and this just makes it quicker. Just remember to grab your outlet before you head off. It may seem inconsiderate to those people still charging their phones, but we all have busy schedules. The airplanes aren't going to wait for us either. Speaking of airplanes, I almost never fly first class when I have an early morning or late night flight. I almost always race to the far back of the plane where the seats have those arm rest things that can be lifted up. I just raise them up and make a little bed, with a sheet above the seats and under my body, of course. You wouldn't want to get any plane germs on you. Besides that point, people never go to the back anyways. They apparently think the noise from the bathrooms are loud. It really isn't! I'm guessing the vacuum sucks up the sound waves or something - not sure but if you do know, feel free to leave a comment. I looked back at one of my vlogs on my Youtube channel and didn't hear any sounds coming from there at all. But anyways, back to being in the back, you'll always get those nice snacks and drinks they start passing out first - even before the first class travelers. Other friends of mine who travel long distance a lot say they get entrees first too. I guess I haven't traveled that far to even see dinner being served . I have no clue.

Alright, I think that'll end it for tonight!
Question: Have you ever seen food, like actual plates not snacks, being served in a plane? If you have, how far were you travelling?

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    Mon Jul 22, 2013 @ 08:38am

    Oh, wow. If you don't mind my asking, why are you travelling so much?
    I've never travelled alone. I'm always with family, so I've never had the problems with falling asleep or worries about luggage. Hehe, the sticky notes idea is interesting. I definitely have never seen anyone with sticky notes on them, so I'm not quite sure if I would be the type of person to wake someone up if I saw them like that. The idea of the multi-input outlet is brilliant. A friend of mine actually brings one to school to charge her phone during some of her classes because some of her teachers understand. Although she does use it during homeroom to straighten/curl her hair also...
    I've had a good share of meals on a plane before, although they weren't exactly on plates. The meals were in prepackaged packets, although they looked surprisingly fresh. Sometimes the food tasted bad, but contrary to common belief, majority of the the time it was delicious. Or.. at least the type of food I'm used to eating. Maybe my tastebuds are just dull? I don't taste things the same way as others sometimes... The meals, and not snacks, are usually given for longer distance flights. For example, they offer two meals when travelling to China (and pretty much any East Asian country from what I've heard) from the West Coast. I've also had a meal when going to Hawaii once.

    Community Member

    Mon Jul 22, 2013 @ 01:07pm

    I also wonder why you are traveling so much and why alone?

    I haven't been on a plane in years, but I've definitely been served food. When I was a kid once we traveled to Florida for a vacation. We were served breakfast on the way. It was the first time I ever had silver dollar pancakes, and I thought they were awesome! I was also served food when I traveled from Indiana to Arizona as a teenager.

    I hate listening to earphones when in a public place. It makes me nervous not to be able to hear what's going on around me.

    I don't get why you need sticky notes asking people to wake you - wouldn't it be easier to set a reminder or alarm on your phone? That's what I would do. xd

    User Comments: [2]
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