Summer at last! What can I say about it? Both my brothers came in from out of state for a wedding up north. I didn't go. I never do. The house was full of noise cos my nephew was here. He's a good kid, but very loud and not easy to be around. I prefer kids to be quiet and sit in their seats with books, but I guess that's unreasonable. It's been hot and stormy outside. I keep my window open, now. The air that gets in is fresh and soothing. I don't check on my MySpace page as often as I used to. I wish it wasn't updated to that dreadful new setup. I'm still dedicated to Neopets. You can't get me away from that place for a day. Gaia is seeing more of me, too, but Neopets has my interest much more. Could I ever make the transition and spend more of my web time on Gaia instead of Neopets? It's always possible. That's all. Summer reading is Moby d**k. It's going all right. Good book to read, for sure.