Well. Here I am five cosplay a later and a hell of a fabric background from working at Joann's, and I'm finally ready to tackle one of my favorite Disney princesses. Punzie!

I've gathered hundreds of pictures from the art book and from watching the movie over and over on my iPad. Some of the things I've decided upon include hand embroidery for the skirt, not getting my fabric from spoonflower, and making the golden wig of flowery doom. Oh, and that beautiful tiara.

I didn't like the way painting the designs on looked on the bulk of cosplay a I've seen on the Internet, and I'm not fond of the way machine embroidery looks, so I took up a new skill for this cosplay. Embroidery smile
Heres my first embroidery attempt. for these, I literally just eyeballed the design onto a scrap fabric I had. That top flower is a little tipsy, but the rest looks good right? Lol

So I looked at the Joann's I work at to see if we had anything for her skirt pattern. I'm completely against shiny fabrics on a cosplay, so it was awfully difficult to choose a satin for her skirt. I have to say that it looks perfect. I ordered five yards of Mystic Purple Casa Collection Satin from Joann Fabrics. By gods the color is perfect people. If I had a good picture of the color, I'd upload it. Maybe with the next update when the skirt is put together. I still need to order fabric for the front panel that looks like a brocade. Again, since I don't want to spend $25 for a single yard of fabric, although its the perfect design, I'm hunting around for a real brocade. Halp if you can please. D:

Aaannnd this turned into a huge project. I have a group getting ready for Megacon 2015! If I have her cosplay done nix the wig by 2014, I'll wear it there. But we have a Disney Princess/Prince group that's slowly forming. We have Rapunzel (duh), Aurora, Merida, and Jasmine! If you're in the central Florida area or if you're going to Mega15, let me know if you want to be in our group!
Heres some awful fan art or Rapunzel and Merida. I can't do braids very well. Shoot me. It's a rough sketch with no hands, but I thought you'd like to see it.

Well that's al for now! If you decide to follow my journal that's cool and if not, that's cool too! Thanks for reading.

Prospective Punzie