( So yeah this is for to vent my utter hatred for my self so enjoy ha ha kenzie is my best friend I swear shes there for me through every thing even when im a annoying brat)

Another Puff of a cigar left me gagging in a fit of coughs
Kenzie just stared at me This pitied Look in her eyes I felt my self growl.
"Don't" I said Harshly taking a long sip of coffee
"what?" I took another sip " I can read your thoughts and just don't"
She stared at me for what It seemed like hours then sighed "don't what brook?"
I snapped my head up so that my hazel eyes met hers
"Don't pity me.. I told you countless times I would turn out this way"
I took another swig of my cigar Giving a puff of smoke into the air.
"But that was then you can change brook!" She looked at me hope in her eyes
Why is she so innocent? I thought angrily But gave a dry humorless laugh.
"why are you laughing?" She looked me over.
I sighed and turned my head to smile dryly "you Don't Know How many times I told my mom that"
She frowned softly turning to look at her husband who had been ease dropping from the kitchen.
"but she never changed" I looked down at my coffee sipping it dryly
"Enough about me...So I've heard you sold a few comics lately?" I smiled
she sighed obviously bothered by the sudden change of subject.
"Yeah In Japan a Few of my manga made it to stores" She smiled at her success but the looks of it she desperately wanted to change the subject back.
"So are you dating any one?" She gave a nervous smiled.
I scowled and pointed to my black eye " I think this proves it don't you think?"
I could see her shutter her husband sitting beside her now. "I thought maybe you got that in a fight.."
I laughed staring into my empty coffee cup disappointed at the loss of the bitter liquid.
" You Know me I'm not one to start a fight...Ok a physical fight at least"
She nodded understanding " I thought maybe You sa.."
"said something because I'm a smart a**?" I said matter of fact tone chuckling when she gasped.
"That's not what I was going to say!" I smiled at her giggling "you were thinking it... Cant say I blame you I am one annoying b***h"

(To be continued...)