you think you know me. but you never starver. never fail at living large. had to dirt just to work. never had a perment job. niggas call me a lob. its a job to stay in my mind. stay on that kind. love the rain cause it takes away the pain. all I want is the fame. tired of this game. no one understand me and its a shame. but every one its the same. I see nigas die in front of me, I seen so much dope I felt like a g. but im happiest when I die. that why I get high. i got the sh*t end of the stick. bless with a dick but end up with nothing but pricks. what you don't like me go suck a dick. when I die no ones going to cry. sh*t I should of been dead. but I know I get you girl top give me head in your bed. ever struggle to be fed