I open my eyes and I saw a man starring me. I saw his mouth moving but no words. I couldn't make out his details, but he was wearing a lab coat. Then my body grew cold and I passed out.

I awoke again more aware this time. I can make out noises and see more detail. I was in a tube fill with liquid. I was wearing a oxygen mask. I tried to move but I was restrained. I looked around. The tube I was in was just glass and nothing else. No metal except on top and bottom. The top looked like the liquid came in and the bottom drained out. The cycle kept going. I don't understand maybe to keep the liquid clean or something. No one was in the room. I looked around all I can see is monitors. My eyes grew heavy and I feel asleep.

When awoke I was no longer in the tube I was in a courtyard. I smelled smoke. I quickly looked around to see the building around me was on fire. "What is happening?" I thought to myself. I heard screaming coming from all around me.I walked toward a door and went through it. The hall was grey kinda like a old hospital, but there was blood all over the walls and floor. No body's though. I kept waling till I found a dressing room I stepped in and closed the door. I went to the sink and got some cold water and splashed my face. My senses was coming back. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a patient outfit. I looked around and found a locker. On it said.


I grabbed his uniform and put it on it fit me perfect. I looked in his locker some more and found a document, a gun, and a duffle bag. I put everything I found in the bag. I saw something else in the back of the closet I reached for and pulled it out. It was a sword. It was still sheathed so I couldn't tell what kind it was I put it on my belt and closed the door. I walked toward again, but something in the mirror caught my eye. I walked to the mirror to see what it was. What was I staring at. It was myself but something was off. I looked down at myself nothing out of the ordinary. I looked up again and saw my reflection have a gun pointing at my face. It pulled the trigger and I heard a loud bang and the glass cracked, but no bullet. I must've blinked when the gun went off because the refection was me again, but this time I had a scar over my right eye. When then that get there. No time to think about I just got to get out of here right now. So I walked out of the dressing room and towards the door. I walked toward the city were I laid low.

Thats all I rembear of that day. I'll write what was on the documents later, but now I must reread them.