i wanna work for faux news
i want to talk bullshit too
i want to state racist views
cause i got nothing better to do

i won't admit that cheiny's sick
i'll admire the great Tricky d**k
i'll call out liberals on their pack of lies
and interrogate every islamic spy

you know foreigners can't be trusted
and Paul Ryan is heavily lusted
let's spin a disaster into our own agenda
and learn to twist the referenda

the church and state is one in the same
minorities should be treated like game
you pick up a rifle and blow off their heads
and maybe tomorrow we'll take on the reds

we hold all men are created equal
except the colored ones colored in evil
except for the gays gaying up the streets
with their rainbow flags - Sodomy

I don't think you understand
this is not just stolen land
it's not a democracy
this is their bureaucracy