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Hi, my name is Emilia Collins, but you can call me Emilia, Emi. I have been alive for 156 years. When I was born, I was born a Female. I was also born as a Kitsune. Well things that I really like are Swimming, Forests, Cooking, Sweets, Movies. The things I really want kept away from me are Uncleanliness, Shouting, Rudeness. My story is Emilia comes from a famly of wealth. Her mother is a co-owner to a chain of hospitals and hr father owns a resturant chain as well. They raised Emilia to be kind and help those of poor luck. Since she has money and fame, due to her family's status and skill, she was able to become a business owner just like her family. Emilia works in the food industry, just like her father.
Emilia Collins is a calm person who finds joy in being busy and in spending time relaxing. She hums through her work and find it easier to not stress over something. She's a people person. If there is anything she can do to make your day a little better, she won't mind if here's is a little heavier. Emilia is prone to say what she has in her head. She doesn't usually mean it but it comes out anyway.

My slave(s) is/are None Yet. When I look into the mirror I see . The person who is controlling my strings is FoxClauRanger.


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