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Username: Tannsi
Timezone: EST
How long have you been on Gaia? Many years, I guess 2003 technically, although I wasn't active until 2004-2005, so, 7-10 years?
Have you participated in any of my contests prior to this one? Throughout this giveaway.
How much time do you anticipate being able to put into the last day contest? I should have most the afternoon/evening.

Rainbow Beans
Username: Rainbow Beans
Timezone: Mountain Time
How long have you been on Gaia? 5 years, 2 years on this account
Have you participated in any of my contests prior to this one? I think one?
How much time do you anticipate being able to put into the last day contest? Most of the day!

Sorry for the delayed reply! Is it too late to join in on Tin Cup Day? If not, here are the banners we'd prefer you use:

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"Audacity is a mash-up of two charities, Elysium and Knick Knack. These two charities, though polar opposites in dispositions, had a common goal of spreading wealth to all Gaians, which is still prevalent in Audacity. Those who join Audacity in its quest (i.e. post on Audacity and chat) are welcome wholeheartedly whilst building comradery with fellow soldiers of the cause. Audacity prides itself in donating based on conviction over sheer number of posts on the thread. There is no "Regulars List"--anyone who posts on the thread is eligible for donations and are discouraged to show their worthiness explicitly (i.e. begging). Co-owners and moderators decide who receives grand prizes/R.A.M. (see thread for details); there is collaboration in picking the winners so that there is little corruption in donations as possible. A good number of the donations given by Audacity, however, are purely objective, usually RNG-based.

We also aim to take over the world. Won't you join us?"

Thank you for inviting us to this event!

Demon Wings & Angel Hearts
User Image

(feels kind of awkward saying a little description xD wink

Recipient of the 1st Annual GaiAcademy Award's Gaimanitarian Award, DWAH has been helping Gaians since 2008. Everyone that applies following the app rules receives a donation! We also love and welcome new people. Come on by!

User Image

This is a Charity, with a taste of a gifting thread and a hangout.
It is welcomed that you give to others in this thread, however not required.
Here you don't have any pressure in having to give, you can give freely to whom you want when you want.
All while making awesome friendships and receiving help with your quests, or just hanging out!

G.I.F.T. will help anyone!
The new, the old,
The rich, and the poor!

Gift Giving Paradise


Here's the description:
Serving as a friend-search bridge since Summer 2008 under the guise of a charity, the GGP has helped many find compatible chatters as well as helping them closer to their quests. Our charity have games and contests throughout the year, so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything. Toriki love events and holidays, so you can count of having many events each year that comes with tons of prizes to go around. But beware, make sure you have read through the rules section carefully.

Pocketful of Wishes
Yeah, we have the big banner here:

or the little banner

As far as promotional text...I'm not really sure.
I mean, my charity is small and out of the way so it can be really quiet at times, but we always do our best to make everyone feel welcome.

A TankChu
User Image

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/do-not-post/t.82306539_1/?_gaia_t_=7564#14][img]http://i1077.photobucket.com/albums/w479/iiTaecYeon/GaiaOnline/Banner Shop/poleklaws.jpg[/img][/url]

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This Charity is for Gaians who need
a little boost to get their Quests achieved. And we hope that we can help you!
We will never donate under 100k, Unless you are a Hit-And Runner, which if you are a Hit-And Runner
we most likely won't Donate to you.