Things that should be cleaned;
(need to consult the elders/"centers" to help reinforce the new guidelines and come up with plans, hopefully if this goes right, the others will pick up on it and it will become a habit that does our clan proud)

-forum posting.
(this is something that needs to be pondered and left for last, for years people have been constantly pestered to post but do not remain consistent and we need to try something else to keep it active)

-room activity/attention span.
(although on the free time this is variable, it is a must to always pay 100% attention when a superior is talking, on special nights, or when we are planning/doing something together)

-leadership identification.
(this is something that should be simple but sadly it has to be taught, people need to know who the real leader is and who is the priority to listen to and follow, it needs to be reestablished firmly to the ones in the family and on the outside)

-following a healthy pace of pulling weight for the clan between activities together and the forums.
(this is something that should be suited to a schedule, it should be a firm required to do daily but needs to be versatile because things do get in the way, but people need to be motivated to follow threw even when they miss the task on the due date it needs to be done by, and making up for it)

-Respect and motivation for the clan.
(this is something that may be problematic, as everyone has become so comfortable around each other as is including ones of higher stature, and most don't even understand that they are disrespecting the clan by the fact they are unmotivated to follow threw with most tasks and are no longer viewing the clan as an honorable gathering of powerful survivors that have been alive for years)

-Treating the leader like a respected leader.
(this is something like proper educate, the less mature ones that are stuburn may learn more slowly but when they understand, and are properly reinforced what is expected of them maybe it will become a habit)

-being able to start things off and keep things going without constant help from the leader or needing them always present.
(this is something that can be solved with motivation and attentiveness, they need to show that they can lead each other without needing to be forced)

-balancing clan time with private time.
(being in this clan on strict rules will be extremely tiring for everyone so we need to do this in a way that it isn't overwhelming to others and they can still have the freedom to do there own thing or have attention from certain people of high stature)

-behavior fit for the clan, especially around possible newcomers or important spectators, such as obedience, violence, need to be taught not to do things that degrade the leaders/elders like copying and how they are approached, such as tackling and how they are spoken to.
(this is gonna be a long work in progress to keep up but it should be able to be reinforced as it is seen fit just like in training)

-being more aware of the situation and the clans current states.
(this is obvious, people need to know what's going on in the clan instead of being left floating around and need to be informed, it is insulting when some know about what is going on, then others who never pay attention, days and days later have to be talked to)

-proper reactions to orders or personal decisions.
(obedience and understanding, they need to do things as they are told to with no problems, and they need to not give drama when someone of high stature makes a personal decision that the others don't agree with, and need to be trusted to make the right decisions)