I've decided to put my Art requesting in a journal because I didn't know where else to put it besides on Crysandrea. So yeah, I'm requesting freebie art of my OC's. These are the same person but different universe'

Here My Dark Elf is from the Virtual Reality story that Kai came up with, She's a princess who wears a blindfold because of a curse that happened to her eyes when she was young. She can see perfectly fine with the blindfold but she only takes it off when she's completely alone. You can draw her with these kinds of Outfit reference She loves Native clothing So this would work for her..

Next is my Neko version Here She's also a princess but she is a modern kind of princess. She has a twin sister Named Kisalina which you can add into if you want..The neko version was created by me and is in the story Of Stars And Angels which is another story Domo created but I helped him with it. The only details she needs added is light purple tips at the end of her hair, and her right eye is pink along with a three clawed mark on her right eye Like this. This is her twin sister so her pink eye and scratch would be opposite of Kisa. For her outfit reference you can use this Outfit reference But with different colors I hope this clears things in case someone gets confused xD
Oh if you need help with giving her ears I would like them kinda like this if you can.

The perfect Art would be of both of them together, but singles can work too. Also if anyone wishes to draw Neko version with her twin sister that'd be fine too smile She's right here. Kisalina & Reicheru I know I edited it so it might not look to great but It shows most of the details. Thank you anyone who decides to draw them <3 And if there is a quest appearance I'd like it to be with Domo's OC Blitzen Scribe with Dark Elf Version and Kai Scribe with Neko version. Thank you^^