I am not doing them right now because I am still a student in High school. Which I have notice that my art is a distraction cat_crying . Besides I am starting commissions in early May possibly the 10th but I can actually go by May 20th - Aug 20th. After August 20th I wouldn't do any more commissions so I am studying a lot for school.

Oh it's point commissions for my Deviantart, that's the only problem if you have Deviantart account I am fine. But if you don't than I don't know how I am going to set this up at all. Because cat_sweatdrop I don't have PayPal and wish their some way I do PayPal commissions. cat_sad

Anyways my point commissions are for:
-Outlines are 15 points.
-Outlines colored are 30 points.
-Extra Characters are 5 points each.

Oh I do Adoptables each will worth between 15-40 points. Plus I do extras on clothes as well and they to will be sold between 15-40 points also.

Thank you for understanding.