I started watching Princess Princess again. I started it a long time ago and dropped it. This time I persevered and... I'm quite enjoying it. It's cute and lulzy. And also ridiculous.

I have only two episodes of K left to go, oh no... But I see that a season two is incoming, so... that's good. New season of UtaPri in the works as well apparently. They are both on my 'to watch' list. You know, I can hardly remember anything about UtaPri.

There was another bad reverse-harem anime that I gave up on a long time ago... what was it...? Kin... Kin-iro no Corda? That sounds right. I think I might go and track that one down again, once I finish one of the three series I'm watching just now.

I watch such trash. But it's sweet and delicious trash. It's like the anime equivalent of donuts.

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