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Mayor Zane and his adventures
I like to write about things,stuff and junk
How Zane became Mayor part1
About only a few days ago I was just a normal school boy. Today I’m mayor of a big city, how this all happened you might ask, first let me tell you who I am my name is Zane Richardson.
It all started a few days ago, I was in my 8th grade history class. Like always I was paying close attention until I heard the phone in the classroom rang. I was at first thinking that it was only for some kid who had to go home early, but no the teacher called out "Zane you need to go to the office!"
When I heard that my face froze, I was at first thinking I was in trouble for something, but it was something different. I walked down the hall just wondering what was going to happen.
Then I got inside of the of the office I asked the lady at the front desk what's going on? She replied by saying "there you are Mr. Richardson I need you to go into the principle's office." I gulped, I was thinking to my self it doesn’t sound like I did anything wrong so I walked in wondering what was going to happen.
Then I saw the principle he was working on some paper work or something. Then he pulled his head up and said "ah, it's you Zane." I quickly shouted "what's going on here why did you call me up". He had a short giggle and spoke with a excited tone "well done boy". I had a puzzled face, I replied "what did I do?"
He then went on, "you were elected as the new mayor of the City of Four Side". I quickly replied "is this some sort of a stupid joke." He giggled again "no not at all, out of all the other students that took the I. Q. test you came out on top". I then put a confused look on my face, "you mean that stupidly easy test that I took". He then agree "Yes I can see why you said that it was stupidly easy because you were the winner in the long run."
I looked up and put my two hands on my forehead. "am I dreaming all of this", I slapped and pinched myself as if I really was dreaming all of this. He then held my hand, now get hold of yourself, he held a DS in his hand. I noticed it was my DS.
I then asked "hey where did you get that?!" He then answered by saying "I got this from your house your mother gave it to me." I then crossed my arms "she would never give my stuff to other people without a good reason." Then she appeared from the door and said "yes your right but, when I heard the news about you becoming the new mayor I quickly gave it to him."
He opened it up and said is this the city you made in this video game Sim city? I said yes, then he said well then that means you have a little bit of experience. I had a puzzled face "really that's all I need to become a mayor play the video game sim city and have a high I.Q.?"
He replied "in fact yes that's all you need." Then I remember what I learned in civics class from 7th grade, that I needed to be 18 years old to be a mayor. I then spoke exactly what was on my mind "don't I need to be 18 years old?" He then spoke some surprising words "well yes, but you were recommended by the Governor himself." My eyes flashed with energy you "mean he recommended me out of everyone else?" He then answered it by saying "why yes he would recommend you due to your amazing intelligence, you start tomorrow morning." I then asked "well what about my friends what is going to happen to them?" He answered "they will still go to school like normal kids they won't be going anywhere." I asked another question "so that means this is goodbye to all of them?"
He looked down and answered "well it looks like that way unless you reject...", I quickly cut in and shouted "of course I will be the new mayor forget them I’m getting into the big leagues." He giggled once more and smiled "that's the spirit that your going to need." I asked again "So that means I’m going too need to say goodbye to all of them?" "It looks that way" he replied.
The principle dismissed me and I went back to the class room knowing that most of the kids would think I’m joking but, who knows they might believe it. I knocked on the door and a nice kid opened it up how will they all react when they hear what's going to happen I thought to my self.

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