So I am role player just have not don't it for awhile and this is all new , I remember old style pen and paper style and little metal figures you moved around on a board, anime i know is from japan and people dress up and go to con's, I love roleplaying because it has rules, I am a La kajira, my life is with rules, rules make world better to know what to do or what to say, which i am good good at going doing, I like to know what the rules are, I feel bad when i brake a social rule i did not know existed, I was raised with strict rules, When to eat,when to sleep and wake, when to use the bathroom, when to go out side, when to speak and when not to, the world is not the same as i grew up that is why i like to role play becuase the world of role playing has rules, and you wait you turn, you speak, action happens, then the next person goes.