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The one light that shines threw the darkness of dawn
What ever I feel like writing
468 – Odysseus is the first to introduce himself, he states that the gods have put him through many test throughout his life. He clearly states that men hold him formidable for guile in peace and war, and that his home is on an island named Ithica, the furthest island north in the costal sea. Odysseus claims that he would never see another place on earth as dear to him as Ithica. He then begins to tell of how Calypso, loveliest among goddesses held him captive in her cave because she loved him, he didn’t feel the same for her.
469 – Odysseus begins telling his tale of rough adventures. As he starts he explained that he and his crew sailed for nine days through dangerous storms and wind, but upon the tenth they arrived at the coastline of the lotus eaters. Though who ate the lotus that had been offered never returned.
470 – The men who tasted the lotus forgot about their homelands and longed to stay forever on that coastline, so that they may continue eating the lotus. Odysseus on the other hand refused them their wish and dragged them back to the ship, kicking and scream before tying them down and setting sail. Odysseus and his crew land in a dense fog, on an island across the bay from the land of Cyclopes. The island is lush and unoccupied, so the crew takes some time to feast on the wild animals and wine. On the third day there Odysseus and his crew decide to go visit the mainland so that they may learn more about the creatures called Cyclopes.
471 – As the sun started rising in the direction of the east Odysseus decided to go the rest of the way with only a few handpicked crew members. He sets sail for the island and upon arrival the crew witnesses something like a farm.
472 – Odysseus gathers up twelve of his best fighters and continued on ahead, he also brought along a wineskin and victuals in a bag. They soon ended up in the Cyclopes’ cave; there the crew started pleading to Odysseus, begging to steal what the Cyclopes had.
473 – The crew had decided to wait for the Cyclopes, though when the Cyclopes returned Odysseus and his crew scattered away fast. They did their best to stay hidden, but soon the Cyclopes spotted them.
474 – Although they were all afraid of the monstrous man before them, Odysseus stepped forward to answer his question. The Cyclopes took offence to his answer, commenting that all Cyclopes couldn’t care less about the gods and began to ask about where Odysseus boat might. Odysseus on the other hand had already prepared an answer for this.
475 – Odysseus lied to the Cyclopes, stating that his ships crashed into some rocks as they arrived and that he and the men who are with him were the only survivors. As he told the false story the Cyclopes continued on eating before falling asleep on the sheep he brought in with him early on in the story.
476 – Odysseus comes up with a plan to stab the Cyclopes in his one large eye, five of the twelve men are chosen for the job.
477 – At noon the Cyclopes and his sheep returned, he caught two more men and feasted on them. Odysseus decided now was the time to put his plan in motion, he offered the Cyclopes a drink and he took the bait.
478 – The Cyclopes is now drunk and Odysseus is singing a song. As they sang the beast stated that the noblest gift from him would be to eat Odysseus’ friends first before eating Odysseus before falling into a deep slumber.
479 – Once they were sure that the Cyclops was fast asleep they continued on with their mission and stabbed the Cyclopes in the eye with that stake that carved beforehand. Though the Cyclopes hadn’t died like they thought he would, in fact the Cyclopes woke up quickly and pulled the stake from his now wounded eye and howled. Other Cyclopes heard the howl and came to his aid from various directions.
480 – Polyphemus explained to the other Cyclopes that nohbdy had harmed him and in return they told him that if nobody hurt him then there was no need for them to be there. The Cyclops then moves the boulder from the entrance and takes a seat were the boulder once was, he opened his arms wide in case one of the men tried to escape.
481 – Odysseus comes up with a plan to use the rams as cover by tying everyone to the rams’ underbelly. The plan looks to be going great.
482 – Odysseus plan worked perfectly, the rounded up a few of the Cyclops’ sheep and headed back to the ship. The crew that had stayed behind seemed happy to see their captain and crews return, but soon their expressions turned to grief.
483 – As they set sail Odysseus called to the Cyclopes, baiting him. The Cyclops through a large rock that nearly washed then back into his grasp, but Odysseus told the crew to roll with all their might or parish. The crew did as told but questioned him on the reasons as to why he was baiting the Cyclops.
484 – Although the crew complained and gave him perfectly good reasons not to bait beast, Odysseus, caught in anger, didn’t listen and yelled one more sentences before silencing.
485 – Their going on journey to Ithica, the travel will be a vast and peaceful journey if you keep your head high and your thoughts clear.
486 – The trip to Ithica will be a great adventure, but if you take your time, it’ll be worth the wait.

Nightmares are Temporary
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Nightmares are Temporary
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