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xChernayaVdovax's Thoughts Just an average day in my life.

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Day Three

I awoke again drowsy and with a pounding in my head. It felt almost like a hangover, minus the dehydration. I realized then that I wasn't sitting up, or strapped to anything. I sat up from the bed I was in and looked around. I was in what appeared to be a hotel room, a luxurious one. Everything was so different from my New York apartment. I threw the blankets off of me and sat up. I frowned when I realized that my clothes had been changed. I was only in a pair of black shorts. I frowned with the thought that these men had changed me, and done who knows what else while I was unconscious. This was only the second time, but I was getting really tired of waking up in strange places after being drugged. The room had a maroon and navy themed colours. The blankets were warm and so was the room. I wondered why before I heard a fire crackling in a fireplace. I went to the window and I opened one of the large and heavy navy curtains. MY eyes widened in shock, I had no idea where I was, I wasn't even sure I was in the United States anymore. I looked out at everything trying to take it all in when I heard a voice behind me say beautiful. I whipped around to see the tall man from before. As if he knew what I was thinking he said I was in Zakopane. It took me a moment to realize that the only place I knew of with that name was in Poland. He again seemed to read my thoughts when he said "yes Poland." I wasn't in the mood for these kinds of games. I asked him what he wanted and why he'd drugged me not once but twice and brought me to Poland of all places. He told me to sit and eat with him. I realized right then how hungry I was. I wondered how long it had been since i had eaten. He sat down at the polished oak table and told me to join him. I sat down warily and asked him again what he wanted. He pushed one of the tray across the table and to me. I took the lid off the silver tray and my stomach growled seeing steak and potatoes. It looked to be wine in the glasses. I watched him eat for a few minutes. When it seemed like nothing was happening to him I took a hesitant bite of the potatoes. He told me not to worry, my food wasn't drugged, nor was there anything wrong with it. I took a couple more bites and asked him again what he wanted. He told me he liked that I was straight to the point. I said nothing and waited for an answer. He said he had heard a lot about me from the company I worked for. This confused me slightly and he said that company was a rouse. While it was indeed a business they also looked for people like me. He went on to say he'd been interested to he had set up the fake meeting personally, apparently he had others do this but I interested him. He then told me he'd been so impressed with my work that he had to have me. I didn't like the way this was going. I asked him for what exactly he had to have me and he said for The Organization. I asked him what organization and to my surprise he laughed as if I had told him something funny. He said that was it. Just The Organization. I eyed him as if I didn't believe him but didn't question him further. I asked him if I even had a choice. He said I did, it was to either join him or to be killed. What great options. He said I had seen too much to be let go now. The onyly thing I had seen was the men and the place I had been before. I nodded my agreement, I didn't have much of a choice uless I wanted to die. He said he was pleased by my choice, and to think of this as a sort of promotion. He picked up his glass and I followed suit having a feeling he wanted a toast or something. He clinked out glasses together and midway through my drink I stopped when I heard him say "I'm pleased you're joining us Creed," I almost asked how he knew my name, but he seemed to know a lot so I didn't. I finished the glass of wine. I didn't care for red wine but I wasn't going to tell his man no as it was clear I was in no position to do so. I took a couple more bites of my food before I blinked back some dizziness. He said that the food didn't have anything in it, but my wine had. He proceeded to say something else but I slumped forward in my chair my head hitting the table as I passed out due to being drugged for a third time.

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