You're not worth the scars on my wrist
You're not worth the pain in my heart
You're not worth the the thoughts in my head

You never really cared about me now did you?

You're not worth the air that you breathe
You're not worth the the dirt that you stand upon
You're not worth the the hope that you gave

Your words are falling on deaf ears now.

You're not worth the the time that we shared
You're not worth the the love that I gave
You're not worth the the tears on the ground.

You can't reach me anymore.

You're nothing to me
Nothing to her
Nothing to Him
You're nothing and nobody to anybody
Not even yourself

I won't back down in this game of cat and mouse
You let me run but only so far
before you pull me back into you

You're not worth anything
You hurt and you cut and push so hard
What have I done?
What did you do?

You don't deserve love.
You don't deserve commitment
You don't deserve happiness

You break me and bend me and twist me again
In this game who truly wins?
You hide yourself from all that's left.
I cried so long for what you said.

Promises broken again.
Sworn Oaths left to crumble.
I watch you fade
My heart forgets.
My skin will heal
But nothing will ever save you from yourself!