Greetings fellow Gaians!
I am oKitteno or you can call me Chrissy.

I've known about Gaia for many years and if I recall right had a previous account/avatar. cat_surprised Unfortunately back when I forgot it a long time ago and just started back up recently. I really couldn't get into Gaia, I am more into Second Life and other animated games and more. Mostly, my real life keeps me away from this cute and loveable fantasy world/adventure society we seem to have here at Gaia. cat_emo

I guess I just didn't really have anyone to really drag me into this place and help me get around and explore and enjoy what Gaia has to offer. Even now I'm still skeptical. I'm a very social creature but it seems many are secluded and do not like to talk much here except to the ones they already know very well...

Although I don't disagree with said emotions/actions, I am surprised none have really attempted to grab other Gaian's into the community except for saying, ''Join Us!''. Where is the hello, how are you? I'm so and so, I love this and this.. etc. I guess people are more anti-social now then back when..

Cannot say I'm any better but I'd like to think that I have some open arms around the Gaian community. So here is my Journey, I've been around here before but not much, haven't joined role play's really anywhere here on the site and mostly I stick to myself and earn Gaia Cash to update my newb of a avatar via Gaian style.

I really want to be captured by this place, enjoy coming in the society for an hour or so going on forums, interacting etc instead of just clicking and sitting here at the Gaian screen. Maybe some fellow Gaian's will lead a way to a new Gaian born. Anyways, be well all and hopefully something fun will turn up! I may edit this later depending how I feel about this introduction and explaining my entry here although this is really basic. I do love advance literature though and language. cat_razz