Though that event, it turned out the leader of this group, was Hope, who had no memories of who she is. Ahiru didn't care as long as she had her child back. With, hope that Leon would return back to her side.

From what Ahiru told the group, she was human but her timeline isn't quite understood. She is naive to events on earth and it bags the question. From what time did she come from? She herself isn't sure. Through her time being queen, Ahiru mothered three children. One of them feel to darkness. The other two where lost. Or so it seemed. She was also married (or is) to her husband named Leon Masahiro Anderson. As to who Leon is? No one is sure. He did learn swordsmanship Kotemon . He was no where to be found after the battle that took his children and wife away..

Ahiru did tell the digi destined and her children. She was once a young human who lived peacefully in a town. One day, she somehow made it into the d-world. How? She can't really tell you. Or she will say portal. If someone asks if it was by computer she will say no. In any case she meant Yggdrasil, who at the time was ruler of the d-world but than went back home. A while later she found a digimon that somehow found a portal. He seemed rather upset and she followed the digimon back only to find Yggseail sick. He than passed his powers onto her.