My house in real life
2013, Jan. 25th

Step Father's Logic Encounters 1/25/13

One thing to keep in mind, my step father and I don't get along that well when it comes to certain things. One factor is because he doesn't understand simple things sometimes, like for instance what happened today. I come upstairs to enter my room. Upon entering my room, I find it to be very, well... hot, humid/steamy, and a bit thick/hard to breathe. We have the old gas heaters in each room which if you turn the heat on, it turns on every rooms heat. So, moving along. I call for my step fathers assistance in putting a screen in one of my two windows to try and get some cold air in and try and ventilate the hotness out. His response, "Oh well I don't want to mess with the window since it might break and well I can open up this one about an inch without any screen in it (which is over an inch open and no screen and doesn't work)". So then he goes on to start yelling at me because I ask him to turn off the heat or to turn down the heat. His response "I CAN'T DO THAT, ARE YOU DENSE? I CAN'T TURN OFF THE HEAT!" I said, can you turn it down which you can. I can BARELY BREATH in here. EVEN with the door open. Then he proceeds to go on a spree of yelling calling me "immature" and claiming that I am a whiny little b***h that can complain about paying the bills when I start doing so. First of all, where's the logic in that? I'm not even complaining about the bills. As a matter of fact, I'm making it so you can decrease the amount you pay instead of having the heat up so high. So, I'm a whiny little b***h for asking for the heat to be turned down to the point where I can breathe eh? Hmm, really makes sense eh. I might as well find a bridge and jump off of it. Makes more sense than he does.

Not the Step Father.