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what will follow me into the rabbit hole today...
Slow Day With Nothing Much Accomplished
I've been on since a little before 6am and have only managed to play about 35 BG games. For me I'd have maxed on this account and have moved on to grimmy's about now.

I have 2 of my kids home sick so I've been on and off the computer taking care of them and trying to pm friends and did a mega trade today. (160 enki catch sold yay!) Took awhile seeing you can only trade 12 at a time. xp Not complaining about that. Made a good chunk of gold from it. Definitely worth the time it took and still easier than listing them all in the MP.

Then my dad called and I was on the phone with him for almost 45 minutes trying to help him with a computer issue. He bought a new laptop and it has Windows 8 on it. I know nothing about windows 8 so I had to do a google search to try to help me along the way. What happened? Here he updated his AVG and it rest his homepage as their their page and he wasn't realizing he was being connected to the internet. He's telling me when he clicks on IE (yeah, I know, give him a break this is his first computer that is hooked up to the internet, my sisters and I have finally convinced my parents that hooking up to the internet will not make your bank accounts vulnerable if you don't do online banking. Don't ask. I never go that either.) that nothing is happening, so I'm thinking nothing is happening and he's not being connected to the internet. He said when he clicked on it the AVG program was coming up and telling him everything was secure but not connecting him.

Well, it was. I was trying to have him rest his default browser to IE thinking AVG installed a new browser or something from what he was telling me. Well we are both very familiar with windows 8 now. Unfortunately nothing we did would work because when he thought he was typing things in the search bar for windows he was typing it in the search bar of IE and getting screen shots of how to and wondering why nothing would let him click on it. I was at a loss being on the phone and not being able to see what he was doing. Then he said that when he typed in IE it took him to a page asking if he wanted to install it. *ding ding ding* This is where I figured out what was going on. He was hooked up to the internet the whole time. I had him type in msn.com and poof there was his home page. He was like "Oh it's asking if I want to set msn.com as my home page." My response, "YES!!!!!!" hahaha

Talk about the blind leading the blind. I'm more of a visual person and being on the phone was at a disadvantage of not being able to see what he was doing and he is unfamiliar with computers in general he wasn't understanding what I was asking or how to explain to me what was going on. So what should have taken 4 seconds to fix took over 40 minutes.

Oh well had a good chat with my dad while we figured it out together. heart biggrin

Now off to see if I can get a few more plays in before I start glowing again. Seems like no one is playing BG anyway so I'm not expecting much this next glow.

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