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what will follow me into the rabbit hole today...
Seriously Rethinking Running a Tank
If I can't earn GC then I'm not going to have GC to buy fish. That is how I get the majority of my fish seeing how the MP prices are ridiculous right now.

I think being banned by a site that screwed up how they allowed people to watch their videos is beyond stupid. Then to add insult to injury I try to watch videos from other providers to be stiffed by those sites. Funny my kids were able to get theirs. Guess I should have gone on first. rolleyes

What's sad is that having a tank doesn't even bring in that much gold. I make more gold playing BG. I keep getting hints that running a tank isn't for me. Maybe I should just listen to all of these hints and say to hell with it. xp

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    Virtual Earthquake
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    Fri Feb 01, 2013 @ 12:49am

    I understand what your going through. emotion_hug Gaia is messed up in so many ways, it just get's infuriating. I have been reported before for "botting" because Gaia said I was a bot since I was going fast, I just had a great computer. emotion_facepalm I barely make any profit off my tank too, it gets difficult trying to get players most of the time, that's why I always summon for my glows, if I'm not on it usually get's missed emotion_8c I hope you stay and maybe someday bring your fish back! We love you aylwyn! emotion_bigheart

    Community Member

    Fri Feb 01, 2013 @ 01:15am

    Oh I'll be staying. Just playing and not running a tank anymore. I don't make much of a profit even with staying on all darn day and would just use the free GC to buy the fish instead of using it to buy stuff to sell on the MP. When I take into consideration what I would spend on fish and what my tank makes on average per day it's sad. I can make that amount in a week playing BG and not have to be on all day.

    I also don't even try to get the GC everyday because of all the long videos. I think the problem is that there are so many people in this house who have an account here and of course they all come up as the same IP address. It is frustrating. I used to get autocash and then it got all messed up multiple times and gaia didn't seem to care.

    And I've been accused of being a bot too. I had the same response, sorry my computer doesn't suck. hahaha

    And thanks, I love you guys too. emotion_bigheart I could never leave completely. I'd miss you and everyone else way too much. 3nodding heart emotion_hug heart

    Community Member

    Fri Feb 01, 2013 @ 02:18am

    Gaia - and many of their sponsors - are seriously lost in the 20th century by relying on IP address to identify unique players. For more reasons than I care to go into here, you can't do that anymore. The way network address space is used has changed.

    Having said that, which ones are you having problems with? I've had problems with all of them off and on....

    And I am the last person who would encourage you to run a tank you're no longer interested in running. Gaia is supposed to be fun, even if they've forgotten about that.

    Community Member

    Fri Feb 01, 2013 @ 04:29pm

    Pretty much all of them on and off like you said. Yesterday, my daughter went on her two and had no problem, my son then went on after her probably an hour or so later and did the same for his two accounts and had no problem. I went on grimmy's account and while I only got the daily treat it was something. Nothing was available in the videos for the cash tree. Then I went on this account and watched the video for the daily treat and nothing happened after the video ended. It wouldn't let me pick a card or do anything. You know how usually a new image loads after the video? That didn't happen. (and it was one of those 3+ minute ones too xp ) When I went to the cash tree I watched 3 videos for social vibe and got stiffed on all three. Two McDonald's ones (I think they're either 5 or 6 GC) and the Area 51 video worth 15 GC. I also tried the SP one and got nothing for that. It was a 4GC video. That's when I said screw it. As of now I still haven't received anything for them. One of my other sons went on about 2 hours after me and wasn't offered anything, but for that late in the day it's pretty normal. My other son didn't even try.

    The tank is just becoming more of a chore anymore than fun. I'm making less and less a day on it despite being on for 12+ hours and bumping it. The 3 days that I was sick before I pulled my fish I was making the same amount as when I was on bumping it. With what I'm getting per day and what the price of fish are I'll just squeak by with making a profit. Even when I was making a higher amount, the amount of gold I was putting into the tank and the time spent bumping it didn't seem to give me a big profit. Let's just say I could make in a week what my tank has been giving me in a month. I stuck with it because it was fun and because of the people, but with profit going down even more, it's not worth it. (I know you probably know all of this already, but I figured I'd explain in case anyone else who doesn't get it reads this.)

    I'll still be playing and bumping. I'm not leaving gaia or the aquarium forums, just not going to be a tank owner after these fish die. I think they have about 2 weeks left.

    User Comments: [4]
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