Assassin’s Creed Personality Quiz

Desmond Miles:
[ ] You’ve run away from home
[X] You always try to live for the moment
[X] You’re mindful
[ ] You aren’t afraid to ask, even if you’re in a totally foreign place or situation
[X] You’re quite brave
[ ] Crooked reasoning is not typical of you
[ ] You dare to make big decisions
[ ] You’re always try to be kind to everyone
[X] You like to eat
[ ] You’re tolerant


Shaun Hastings:
[ ] You’re really proud of your home country
[X] When it comes to tell off somebody/something, you’re the best
[ ] You’re obsessed with history
[ ] You’re a master of symbols and decoding
[X] You’re always on the net/computer
[X] You’re quite sarcastic
[ ] You tend to fall exaggerations
[ ] You love tea
[X] It’s hard for you to express your feelings
[X] You prefer to work in your own, but you’re also a good teammate


Rebecca Crane:
[ ] You love extreme sports
[ ] You love every kind of machines
[ ] You’re quite energetic
[X] You like what you do, you do what you like
[ ] You’re vegan
[ ] You’re talkative and friendly
[X] It’s fun to hack codes and systems
[ ] You’re optimistic and smile a lot
[ ] You’re pride of your work
[X] You’re a bit immature


Lucy Stillman:
[ ] You’re warm and appreciative
[ ] You have a caring personality
[X] When you have time to design a plan, you’re cunning and resourceful
[X] Under pressure you become irritable and worried
[ ] You can retain your cold blood in dangerous situations
[ ] Any kind of death-rate touches you sensitively
[ ] Sometimes you seem a bit too rigid
[X] If you cry, you never do that in front of people
[X] You keep your problems deep inside
[X] You’re strong but also fragile


Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad:
[X] You never work in a team
[X] You are or used to be arrogant and lofty
[X] You’re the very best in what you do (school, work, etc.)
[X] You’re able to develop
[X] You hardly ever lose your cold blood
[X] You have only a few close friends, but you could die for them
[X] You’re quite vocational
[ ] You admit your faults and learn from them
[X] Inside you’re vehement and flaming
[X] You’re faithful to the bitter end


Ezio Auditore da Firenze:
[X] You lost a part of your close family (divorce, death, etc.)
[X] You’re enduring to the end
[ ] Your personality is quite charming
[X] You’re strong in heart, strong in arm
[ ] You take no pleasure in hurting others
[X] You rather follow your heart than your mind
[ ] You have a caring personality
[ ] You are or used to be a rakehell
[X] You’re passionately loyal to your friends and/or your family
[X] You can be a bit overbearing sometimes


Malik Al-Sayf:
[ ] You’ve lost someone really important in your life
[ ] Grumpy is your ordinary mood
[ ] You’re severe but forgiving
[ ] Words are better weapons than brute force
[X] You forgive but never forget
[X] You keep your pain deep inside
[ ] You’re a “friend in need”
[X] You’re so trustworthy
[X] You tend to say you’re better on your own, but actually you need others company
[X] You’re a really good friend and companion


Leonardo da Vinci:
[ ] You’re extraordinary
[X] You’re inventive and resourceful
[ ] You’re quite optimistic
[X] You are often deep in your mind
[X] You’re creative and/or talented
[X] Discovering new things is exciting for you
[ ] Your logic is awesome
[X] You are not afraid to be different
[ ] You have a big, loving heart
[ ] Your personality is enchanting


Yusuf Tazim [da Istanbul]:
[ ] You’re light-hearted and cheerful
[ ] You’re an “affable fighter”
[X] You can use your humour even in a dangerous or serious situation
[X] You’re showing open attachment to your friends and fellows
[ ] You’re a good leader
[X] You have a good sense of humour
[ ] Remembering names is difficult to you
[X] You’re always there for your friends
[X] You’re quite stubborn


Cesare Borgia:
[X] You’re impatient and petulant
[X] You tend to be violent if you don’t get what you want
[ ] Breaking hearts and souls pleases you
[ ] When you have the chance to cheat, you do it
[ ] Forgiving was never an option for you
[X] Your family is fallen apart
[X] You repeatedly have conflicts with your parents or siblings
[X] You like to do everything in your own
[ ] Love is for sissies!


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