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Empress Reila
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Touch: Prologue
Prologue: The prophecies

It was a great party, to celebrate the greatest event of the empire, the christening of Emperor Tori-Rye’s and Empress Silver’s first child together. It was a large party with everyone from all over Lyrisor invited. The small kings and queens who ran countries under the empires rule and those that refused to merge with the empire were all gathered along with the commoners and such to commemorate this birth.

“I didn’t think you’d actually marry her with her kid.” Yuu Abobwa blurted as he stood with numerous royalty around the emperor.

“Yuu, I invited you here as a friend, don’t insult the emperor!” Yuki Tenshi, Prince of Echo, whispered harshly to his best friend.

“No, it’s okay Haku. He’s definitely not the first to say it.” Tori-Rye Rikai, emperor of all nine countries called Umistream, said.

“Just because they say it is no reason to let them get away with it.” Minoru Rikai, former emperor and older brother to Tori-Rye, mumbled.

“So, that makes three kids officially, since you adopted Junsuke right?” Haru Tenshi, king of Echo and older brother to Yuki, asked.

“That is correct. I fear that Junsuke is the only boy I’ll have.” Tori-Rye stated cheerfully. He ran a hand through his blood red hair.

“Well, having girls isn’t all bad. I have four girls. I have triplets, and only two of them look alike. Then recently my wife had another girl. I’m not even king anymore in the family quarters.” Kyo Kyonchi, king of Utopia, described his life with four daughters.

“Eh, what part of that isn’t all bad Kyo?” Minoru asked narrowing his red-purple eyes at the lower king.

“Oh, sorry… I get carried away.” Kyo apologized.

“Mino, leave him alone. He’s probably going crazy.” Rae Kaminari, king of Sonibia, said his red eyes meeting with Minoru’s purple-red ones.

“Says the man who employs my help for two little boys...” Satoshi Saito, Umistream Royal Advisor and Aid, quipped hitting Rae and Minoru on the back of their heads.

“Ow! Sato, quit doing that! You could damage some of my beautiful locks of ebony hair.” Minoru yelled as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Satoshi, do that again and I will personally rip out ever thin piece of light blue hair on your head, and then take out your eyes.” Rae threatened.

“Things never change do they?” Tori-Rye laughed.

“No they don’t. In some way I prefer this to the past though.” Dark Lee, king of Imatoshi, replied. His dark red eyes met Tori-Rye’s blood red ones.

“Nice to see you two…” Tori-Rye said as he looked to his other side.

“Yes, it’s a pleasure to come to such an event.” Daisuke Kirei, younger brother to the queen of Imatoshi, responded as he bowed.

“Ah, there you are! I had my doubts you were in such a crowd!” The loud voice of Nobaru Saru, king of Mina, carried. Tori-Rye looked forward in time to see his older brother bear hugged by Nobaru.

“Nobaru, you’re squeezing the life out of me! The man of the day is over there!” Minoru yelled pointing to the young emperor. Nobaru let go and charged at Tori-Rye like a bull charges at a red target.

“Minoru…!” Tori-Rye exclaimed as he was bear hugged. He could feel ever bone in his body popping.

“Long live the emperor!” Nobaru shouted as he let his close friend go.

“Ugh, I wasn’t going to live for long if you kept squeezing me…” Tori-Rye coughed.

“Ha, ha, nonsense… stop being such a wimp!” Tenma Tohma, the king of Tynoshi, bellowed as he knocked the air out of the young emperor with a pat on the back.

“Acugh…!” Tori-Rye gasped as he stumbled forward from the blow.

“Heh, Nobaru and Tenma never stop.” Kaito Kiyoko, king of Mece, commented as he helped Tori-Rye steady himself.

“You would think they’d be conscious to the strength of normal human beings.” Isamu Kiyoko, prince of Mece and younger brother to Kaito, scoffed.

“Brother, let’s not be mean. They could kill you with only a finger.” Kaito scolded.

“So how is little Marik?” Tori-Rye asked.

“He’s a handful. He wants nothing to do with ruling Mece right now. So I’m teaching Yukio.” Kaito replied making his brother and the emperor laugh.

“Well, if all else fails at least Yukio could rule in his place.” Tori-Rye stated.

“Hello, my friends. Kaito, Isamu, your majesty!” Haneul Miyoko, king of Alenia, greeted as he joined their small circle.

“Hey, how is little Malik?” Tori-Rye and Kaito asked at the same time.

“He’s great! He’s getting into everything, including my documents in my office. Speaking of which Kaito I finished looking over the document and signing it… but Malik drew all over the back. So hope you don’t mind.” Haneul explained. This earned another good laugh from the men.

“I remember when Marik was doing that.” Kaito sighed.

“Your highness, sorry to interrupt…” Yuudai Hi-Tori, a person from the land of L.I.V.E.S., disturbed the laughing group.

“We just wanted to thank you for allowing us to come to your daughters christen. It’s a big honor.” Ryiichi Gear, a king for a country in L.I.V.E.S., thanked.

“No problem, this is a very important event. I want to share it with everyone, so please enjoy yourselves; the main part will start soon.” Tori-Rye replied a big grin on his face.

“Heh, look who’s Mr. popular…” Kaito teased.


“Aw, she’s so cute!” Akita Kiyoko, queen of Mece, cooed.

“She adorable…!” Saki Kiyoko, wife of Isamu, exclaimed.

“You could just eat her up!” Kyung Miyoko, queen of Alenia, gushed.

“I can see it in her eyes. She’ll be a fabulous fighter!” Kaori Tohma, queen of Tynoshi, yelled in excitement.

“You’ve said that about almost all the babies.” Michiko Lee, queen of Imatoshi, complained.

“It’s true though!” Kaori responded.

“You’ve said it about Kazu and Miro, and they were born last year in November.” Kisa Rikai, pass empress of Umistream, said.

“You’ve said it about Yukio, who has such a gently nature, and he’s only seven months.” Saki replied.

“You’ve said it about Malik.” Kyung said.

“You’ve said it about Marik.” Akita replied.

“You’ve said it about Ryou, and then recently about Bakura.” Ayame Kaminari, queen of Sonibia, agreed.

“You’ve said it about Aiko, who is way to gentle. And you’ve said it about Risa, Koto, and Saya.” Juri Kyonchi, queen of Utopia, declared.

“You’ve said it about Ruby and Nebula.” Michiko mentioned.

“Zidane and Sango may be warriors, but I don’t believe Sango would be able to go through training like that.” Kisa Saru, queen of Mina, stated.

“You’ve said it about Hunny and Mori.” Gale Kaminari, queen of Echo and older sister of Rae, confirmed.

“You’ve said it about Midori too.” Junko Kirei, wife of Daisuke, added.

“You really have said it about every baby in this empire. I don’t doubt your skills though. I mean when Junsuke and Ruby were both born… that’s when you began saying this, as well as many scary prophecies began to be given from the gods. I think that perhaps something big is going to happen.” Silver Rikai, the empress of all Umistream, said.

“You think so too?” Kaori asked locking her brown eyes to the violet-blue of the empress.

“I’ve felt it for sometime, but I was afraid to acknowledge it. The prophecies have been giving me the creeps.” Michiko said as her blue eyes scanned the room.

“It is time for the main events ladies. We must grab the children and meet with our husbands for our final entrance into the greeting hall tonight. The ball part of the christening must commence, as well as the prophecies.” Empress Silver said as she raised and readied her self to go out of the room. The other women followed her example.

“Let us go your highness. Prince Junsuke will be bringing Princess Natsumi.” Ayame told Silver. The empress nodded and proceeded to walk to the nursery so the other women could pick up their babies. She left her newborn in the care of her nine year old son.


“Presenting the King and Queen of Utopia. Kyo and Juri Kyonchi, with their four beautiful daughters Princess Aiko, Princess Risa, Princess Koto, and Princess Saya!” The announcer called getting all of the guest’s attention.

Kyo walked out with his wife and four nannies’ behind him. Kyo had black-blue hair and Amethyst with golden flecks for eyes. His wife, Juri had violet hair, and silver with blue spots eyes. Their four daughters all looked different from them except one. The oldest daughter, Aiko, was older by 2 minutes from her identical, Risa. Risa was older than the third daughter, Koto by five minutes. The youngest was just three months old, while her older sisters were eight months.

Aiko was in some way a striking new image of her mother. Aiko had pink-red hair and green eyes, while her twin had green hair and pink red eyes. Koto looked like her father, with black hair and blue eyes. Saya, was the real mystery, she didn’t have a weird family hair color at all. Saya’s hair was brown and eyes were blue. Whether her parents liked it or not though she was a Kyonchi just like her sisters.

“Presenting the King and Queen of Echo. Haru and Gale Tenshi!” The announcer called as the family began to enter. “Traveling with them is Prince Yuki Tenshi and his friend Yuu Abobwa and son Ali Abobwa.”

Haru and Gale entered side by side their two nannies’ behind them. Haru had blonde hair and hazel eyes. His wife, Gale had black hair and dark golden eyes. Gale seemed to be bursting at the gut. She was very, very pregnant and it showed. Haru guided his wife as he walked. He silently joked he was walking with a balloon.

Yuki entered next behind the nanny’s, his friend Yuu beside him with his son in his arms, despite the nanny following them... Yuki had blonde hair just like his brother but red eyes. Yuu had black hair and amethyst eyes. The six month old bundle of joy in his arms had purple hair and the same eyes as his father.

“Presenting the King and Queen of Tynoshi. Tenma and Kaori Tohma with their wonderfully strong girl Princess Vickxen!” The announcer went on.

Tenma, and Kaori entered, both holding the hands of their little three year old girl. Tenma had Blonde hair and frightening red eyes. Kaori had Brown hair and eyes looking plain compared to her husband. Little Vickxen had her fathers looks, with blonde hair and Brown eyes with a reddish tint to them.

“Presenting the King and Queen of Mina. Nobaru and Kisa Saru, with their son Prince Zidane!”

Nobaru entered first, then his wife, Kisa, holding the hand of their three year old son, Zidane. Nobaru had black hair and brown eyes. Kisa had blonde hair and blue eyes. Zidane, as mysterious as his eyes ended up, had brown hair and green eyes.

“Presenting the King and Queen of Imatoshi. Dark and Michiko Lee, with their gorgeous daughters, Princess Ruby and Princess Nebula!” The announcer paused before going on. “Accompanying them is Lord Daisuke Kirei, Lady Junko Kirei, and the young misses Midori Kirei.”

Dark and Michiko entered first, followed by their daughter who held hands. Dark had black hair and hard ruby red eyes. Michiko had brown hair and stunning blue eyes. Their oldest daughter, Ruby, was exactly like her name would state. Ruby had ruby red eyes and hair, making her the most enchanting of them all. Nebula, the second daughter, looked like her mother with brown hair and blue eyes. Ruby was the same age as Prince Junsuke, nine, while Nebula was three.

Walking after the two young sisters was Daisuke and Junko with little Midori holding her mothers hand. Midori was four she had jade green hair and eyes that made her just as odd in the group as her cousin Ruby. Daisuke red-brown hair and green eyes that sparkled. Junko had forest green hair and light purple eyes. It was easy to see where Midori’s features came from, but not Ruby’s.

“We ask that you all stand for the next four introductions. Presenting the King and Queen of Alenia. Haneul and Kyung Miyoko and their son Prince Malik!” The announcer said.

Haneul walked in with his four year old son, Malik, holding his left hand and his wife holding his left. Haneul had black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Kyung had golden blonde hair and purple eyes. Malik looked like the spitting male image of his mother, even if he looked like a little girl. Malik had shoulder length golden blonde hair that was tied back into a ponytail and big purple eyes that observed everything in an excited frenzy.

“Presenting the King and Queen of Mece. Kaito and Akita Kiyoko, and their son Prince Marik! Along with them is Prince Isamu and his wife, Saki, and their son Prince Yukio.”

Akita and Marik walked in first followed by Kaito. Akita had black hair and golden eyes. Marik, who looked exactly like Malik, had purple hair and bright golden eyes. Marik was six. Kaito had purple hair and startling light blue eyes.

Isamu walked beside his brother, Kaito, his wife and son trailing behind him with nanny. Isamu had natural white hair and sky blue eyes. His wife, Akita, had blonde hair and green eyes. His seven month old son, Yukio, in the nanny’s arms had whitish blonde hair with blue eyes that had flecks of green in them.

“Presenting the King and Queen of Sonibia, the country of supreme intelligence. Rae and Ayame Kaminari! With Ayame’s biological, Rae’s adopted son Prince Bakura, and their first child, Prince Ryou! Accompanying them is Royal Assistant Satoshi Saito.”

Bakura was the first one out, with only the nanny beside him for comfort, right behind him was his parents, and then Bakura’s uncle Satoshi. Bakura was seven. He had silver hair with black roots, and his eyes were light brown with a very red tint. His baby brother, Ryou, who was only eleven months, had silver hair with white under roots. The baby’s eyes were a stunning and beautiful emerald green.

As far as Rei was concerned he was Bakura’s father. Rae had black hair and blood red eyes. Ayame had sliver hair with a blue tint and green eyes. Satoshi, who was the brother of Ayame’s first (now deceased) husband, had purple tinted light blue hair and mismatched eyes. One of his eyes were golden, and the other red, he mostly wore strong contacts that made them look blue, combined with a magic spell he cast daily.

“It’s time for the family of the hour! The King and Queen of Ryko, the country to light and enlightenment. The Emperor and Empress of all of Umistream. I present to all of those present and introduce to some… His highness, Minoru Rikai who will announce the King and Queen with his wife!” The announcer said as he stepped down. It was quiet for a while.

Minoru stepped out from behind the big curtain all the royalty of Umistream so far had come through. He held the hands of his reluctant wife, Kisa as they made their way to the podium. Everyone around them clapped and cheered for them. Minoru smiled deviously. Minoru had black hair and red eyes with a purple tint. Kisa had black hair and blue eyes.

“Thank you all. I’m sure you all miss me ruling. Before I introduce the man of the hour and his family I’d like to say a few words. Firstly I’m proud of everyone here for making sure not to miss such an important event. I don’t remember having quite as many people for Kazumi’s and Miroku’s party, nine months ago.

“Anyway, back to the point. The man I am about to introduce is one of my own flesh and blood. Our father passed away while we were still young and I was forced into guiding a kingdom into a great empire. I taught him everything I know, I raised him, and I am proud of him. Today is his special day. Not because of anything he’s actually done or anything he’s done better than me.

“No, it’s because of his family, because he listened to his heart. I know many of you, when my brother married Silver were skeptical, cynical, and disparaging but he has made a great choice for the kingdom, the empire and himself. She has proved her self time and time again. Showing she is extraordinarily dedicated to our empire, to our kingdoms.

“So it is with our great honor that Kisa will announce and introduce our royal dynasty!” Minoru said, as he moved from the microphone to behind his wife as she moved up to it.

“Presenting the former King and Queen, the former Emperor and the Empress. Minoru and Kisa Rikai, with their adorable twins Prince Kazumi and Prince Miroku.” Kisa said as her and Minoru too a bow each for their names. They watched as the two nannies’s holding their twins came from behind the drapes. Kazumi and Miroku both had black hair. Kazumi though had blue eyes, while Miroku had purple. The nanny’s stopped by them.

“Now what you’ve all been waiting for, the man of the hour with a whole lot of power! The current Emperor and Empress of Umistream, and the King and Queen of Ryko... The defenders of peace, light, and justice. Tori-Rye Sly Rikai, and Silver Shekure Rei Rikai!” Kisa announced. She started the applause.

Tori-Rye and Silver stepped out together with Silver on Tori-Rye’s arm. They stopped and waved at everyone, waiting for their children to be announced. Tori-Rye had red hair and red eyes that ran in the family. Though many didn’t know, Tori-Rye was a spitting image of his dad. Silver had silver hair that held a purple tint, and bright violet blue eyes.

“Now for our Prince and our Princess’s! In her rolling crib (probably still sleeping), is the reason for this grand ball, Princess Natsumi! Carting her around is our very own, extremely handsome Prince Junsuke! Walking with them into her daddy’s embrace will be our favorite two year old Princess Rei!” Kisa announced backing away from the mic after she finished.

Junsuke stepped out with Natsumi being pushed in front of him and Rei holding his hand. It was just like he was told it would be. Lot’s of people and a scared Rei. Junsuke had blackish purple hair and deep purple eyes. Rei had red orange hair and orange yellow eyes. Lying in the silver and red carriage crib was a little red head only a few days old. She slept soundly, keeping sapphire blue eyes hidden behind beautiful eyelashes.

Junsuke followed his instructions well. He did what he was supposed to. He took Rei to her dad first, and then took the carriage over to his mom. He felt very proud of himself when his mom smiled at him. He looked down into the carriage and thought as he looked at his new baby sister, ‘Life has changed so much since mom met Tori-Rye. I have two new sisters. I’ll protect hem and anymore siblings I’ll get with my life. That is my job. I’ll make mom and Tori-Rye proud of me!’

“Come let us all eat, drink and be merry!” Emperor Tori-Rye declared.


It came time for the prophecy, as was a tradition for all kingdoms for their new births. A blind seer came forth from the crowd. He needed no help to come to where the royal families sat. He stood over the carriage of the new born, Natsumi and seemed to look at each child in the room of royal blood, then Ali, and Midori.

He motioned for all the children to come gather around, and those too young to walk were brought by the nanny’s. He touched the foreheads of Ryou, Risa, Zidane, Nebula, Vickxen, Malik, Marik and then Natsumi. He then seemed to look down at Natsumi before he began.

“The stars tell all. The nine I touched will face great danger. Their lives are intertwined. In a time of need these nine will rise to fight off all harm. They are chosen to end a long battle that begins with the father of fathers, and the god of the gods. A quest each will seek the others and find naught, but when the others seek them they’ll know what will be. The end is not clear, but a battle well fought, shall end a war that for so long was caught.

“Sixteen years you have from this day forth, to record everything so you will know. In sixteen years this empire will fall, and only love will rebuild it, only your children can resurrect it. But at what price you must ask yourselves, at what price could we avoid such a fall? The price of young Natsumi herself, a proposal from the ones who will slaughter all.

“The royalties shall fall and scatter like glass that has fallen and shattered. Beware is the warning, beware E.V.I.L.S. for they live, in the lives of shadows. These nine plus five more shall face evil worse than ever before. My last words to you my Emperor is this: It will not happen how you may think. It will be a long time before the heroes arrive, and an even longer time to rebuild the empire.” The prophet finished he turned and disappeared into the crowds.

The royal families sat shocked even as their children returned to them. No one seemed to notice the glowing mark on every child who was touched by the seer on the forehead. The marks began to fade. The hall was silent, it seemed that no one knew what to say or do. All eyes were either locked to where the seer disappeared, or on young Natsumi’s carriage. It was after a long silence that Natsumi cried, bring everyone back, as the marks fated completely.

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