I want to keep you forever;
I want to take the comfort you give me and bottle it,
take the ease you exude and wear it as a sweater,
I want to take how you make me feel and write it all down.

I want you to write me letters;
I want you to take each one of my feelings and respond to them,
lovingly care for them with pen and paper,
and I will tuck them into my back pocket, always in reach.

When I am away, I want your eyes.
I want the eyes I can never escape,
poised and clever and always smiling.

I want to feel your calico cat hair,
your hands on my back,
the smooth curve of your ears,

I want to paint your laugh in watercolors and hang the portraits on my heartstrings,
so whenever I breathe you will resonate there,
filling me to the brim with butterflies.

I want to always be with you.
I want you to be my greatest adventure,
the memories that I will never regret,
and the love that will always be familiar.

I want you to think of me when I'm gone.

Bitter or sweet, I'll always be thinking of you.