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Twisted Time Lord
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Time Lady art please? <3
I know it's got a lot of stuff on it, but I really love my character Aziza and was hoping someone could give me a really nice drawing of her. Pretty please practice on my Gallifreyan avi? emotion_kirakira

I guess I should mention since the glasses kinda cover up the eyes they are actually more of a tannish yellow coloration, she doesn't actually float and there are no sparkles coming out of her book I just couldn't find similar items I liked without those affects. also a brief description of personality: Can be completely silly one minute and not be paying attention and just flip a 180 and be super serious and hyper focused the next. Is very forgetful so writes a lot of stuff down in her book that she keeps with her. Can be a very generous and a nice person to anyone she thinks is a good person, is not kind to any who are malicious or cruel. Is very honest and tells the truth almost all the time, but can evade it just as easily without lieing because people don't ask the right questions to get enough information. Is very loyal to those who get close to her and earn her trust she will never abandon them no matter what. Believes in teamwork and has a bit of a pack mentality but can just as easily be a lone wolf and wonder off but will always return eventually, especially when called by someone in need. Is very socially awkward but uses quick wit and often silly sarcasm to try and fit in and get along with people. Also can be very clumsy a lot of the time, mostly when not paying attention. Is not afraid to work and get dirty to get something done, has an interest in learning the mechanics of many different things, not just of objects but of things like how the human mind works as well. Has a Calico cat partner named Zee who's intelligence rivals that of the Time Lords who I would also like in the pic as well if possible. Update: She also now has a companion that can take on different forms but most often takes the shape of a black or brown wolf pup or adult, his name is Aiden. In human terms Aziza's appearance is that of a 20ish to 26 yr old. Real age: Unknown.

Further details on companions will go here eventually.

I've adding an item list for anyone that needs it. smile

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Total Value: 2,229,832 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Black Reading Glasses
Faithful Mechanic
The Nightmare
Lyndexer's Journal
Chained Pocket Watch
Gray Peasant Gloves
FMAB Winry Rockbell
Ravenwood Manor
Custom Cut
Vampire Sound

Wanted to add her second outfit for when she is doing mechanical work just for fun but if it looks easier to draw you can give it a go instead of the other one.
User Image
Item List:
Imaginary Friend (submersible police box no bubbles)
black buttoned down fauna boots
white shirt
breakfast the calico
Nochi The Black Wolf (Playful)
black tie
Ravenwood Ballroom (jackdaws/mephistes hair)
Faithful mechanic (wrench)
black leather belt
fmab winry rockbell (piercings)
chained pocketwatch
deep navy grunjeans
purple pinstrip vest

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