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The Log of SRS BSNS
'Cuz the Internets are srs bsns, gaiz.
Character Profile: Margaret
Name: Margaret Rhodes
Age: 22
Race: human
Height: 5' 4"
Build: slim
Hair: orange, wavy, short cut
Skintone: pale, freckled

A Short Biography: Margaret has been on the run for years...but the truth is, she isn't even entirely sure what she's running from.
She grew up in a small community in the middle of nowhere important, living a simple life that she, to be honest, was more than a little dissatisfied with. However, she would have preferred to leave the village on her own terms, rather than what ended up happening.

When Margaret was fourteen, her village was attacked, the invading force claiming to be in search of something they called a 'Spellsign', a mystical brand passed on through ritual that served as a direct source of magic for its wielder. Margaret's father took her aside and explained what it was...and that he had it. Though Margaret insisted he escape, he instead passed it on to her, pretending to still have it as he confronted the invaders to give his daughter time to flee.

Margaret still isn't entirely sure how to tap into its powers, even after eight years. However, part of her considers things better this way, as not using it would likely make it harder for those likely pursuing her to find her (though she doesn't know who exactly these people are, or what they want the 'Spellsign' for, anyway. However, if her father was willing to die to keep it out of their hands, it's probably a good idea to hold on to it, she figures.). Instead, she uses a normal crossbow, though she isn't particularly skilled with it.

She isn't particularly interested in getting involved too closely with people, and travels around far too often for this to be a likely thing anyway. Multiple times, she has been flat broke, but at one of these instances she discovered a skill for gambling. She tends to make her money this way now, though she still takes on honest work from time to time.
While not overtly malicious, she is unlikely to stick her neck out for others, due to her distaste for involving herself in others' problems.

Her flat frame and short hair often get her mistaken for a young male, but she doesn't go out of her way to correct those who make this mistake. Sometimes she even embraces it, particularly when she's run up a bit of a debt in town.

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