Highschool. The bane of my existence.
Now, it's been four years since my entrance into this hellhole. Four years of blah blah this and drama that... in any case...
All of the pressure put on you in middleschool is a sham. You know why?
Don't try to impress people. They don't care.
Don't try to be popular. No one cares.
And honestly, I have never even seen a bully take a nerd's lunch money.
So there should be no fear of that once in a lifetime transition because life is not like the movies... Clearly, or else we'd actually be able to relate.

In any case, take it from a now senior in highschool that has already come down hard with a case of senioritis. No one cares.
Half the people you are trying to impress now you won't ever see again in your life... unless you actually go to class reunions...

So go about these four years with people you like and classes you love to take. Don't be influenced by social standards. Be your own person. And that's all I have to say about that. gaia_nitemareleft twisted gaia_nitemareright