Now here I'll go over things about my roleplaying a little more in depth. Not too much so don't worry too hard about it.
We'll start with the fact that I love nearly all settings. Tis true, I like to just sink my teeth into whatever it is.
If you're wanting to run from a already existing setting like a book or movie or game just be aware that I'll likely be down for it but I'll want a little bit to do some research so i can fully understand the setting in question.
Literacy level varies. I try and match those I RP with though I'd say if I have to give a description of my natural roleplaying style it would be average literacy spanning one to three paragraphs in third person. I can adjust to just about any roleplaying style that you use however. Though I don't really enjoy Roleplays where the posts run 4-5 paragraphs every time. Mainly because I find them to usually result in redundant or unnecessarily detailed posts. It's good to be detailed but we don't need an exact count on how many sweat droplets bead on the characters forehead as they cook.
I'm not going to lie though, I enjoy being able to delve into the history and plot of the setting and really sink my teeth into an roleplay; whether it be the characters, the plot, the setting, or all of them. (that is not to say that we have to have a world shaking deep philosophical RP if you don't want one. Just wanted to point it out)
But anyways if you're wanting to RP with me you can just drop me a message. You can have a concept in mind, or you can let me know your tastes if you just want to roleplay but don't have anything in particular in mind and I can cook something up to suit your tastes.
See? now that wasn't so painful now was it?