Okay, so I'm writing this because it deleted my other one -.-' but more importantly I wanted to point out that my life is great. o.o I wanted to just sit back and instead of complain actually count my blessing. Like my beautiful fiance who just the thought of brings a smile to my face every single time. Eva, your a gift in my life that I probably don't really deserve but that I'm extremely happy to have because you're amazing and I love you so much. Also it's nice that I live on my own with friends that are like brothers. I have a group of friends that I love dearly, that would help me in any way they possibly could. It's great. ^.^ I also have things I kinda take for granted, like my grand parents, and my parents that are still together and happy. I have a great life, and I'm happy. I'm not some depressive mess. o.o I just get on here to complain when I'm feeling to bad to go to bed.