A Pokemon idea I thought of

I've had this idea for an online Pokemon game my friend wanted me to make if I ever get a job making video games for Nintendo.

The idea is that all of the main characters in the Pokemon games are back and older and made a business (Team Colors/ Gems) to fight the bad guys like Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, plasma, etc. But, then need more help, your help! You'll have your costomizable trainer and start off in the world of Pokemon in Kanto. You'll start out as a normal Pokemon game, exploring the region and getting badges from gym leaders. Then you slowly get involve with fighting Team Rocket and get noticed by Team Colors/ Gems and are recuted to help them fight the bad guys from ever region and go on missions assigned to you.

New ideas in the game are:
- Costomize your own trainer with cloths, hight, weight, hair, eyes etc.
- A class system for your trainer to improve your pokemon. (Such as a Black Belt trainer would have better fighting type Pokemon or a Doctor can heal your Pokemon without finding a Pokemon Center.)
- Exploring every region made in the Pokemon universe.
- Battling all of the Gym leaders and Elite Four's in every region and rebattling them with some new and stronger Pokemon.
- Making friends and having them help you on missions or battle them.
- Challenging other online trainers to battles.
- Controlling your Pokemon in battle like in Smash Bros. or PokePark.

So tell me what you think about my idea in the comments and I hope I can get the job to make it real someday in the future.