Shattered world tales

Chapter 1 = Born again

As the gigantic flying fortress floated above the scarlet crusades stronghold in the eastern plaguelands of Azeroth, their lied the graves of fallen heroes of the Alliance Horde war. These graves were dug up by Lord Arthas of Stormwind, or used to be Lord. As he moved his hand over each of the graves he rose the heroes to their feet as he gave them armor weapons and new powers to use at their will while under his control. With a flick of his hand his hand he disappeared, but his voice lingered in their ears saying, "Gaze upon the land of the Scarlet Crusade. They wish to burn all that you now are, unholy monstrous beasts of the dead. However, there is also the threat of the so called Argent dawn who wish to do the same. Go now, destroy the scarlet kingdom." Each of the newly risen knights just saluted and headed out to where they were supposed to go, and one of these was an Old Paladin Dwarf that went by the name Shater. He went with each of the others and followed the orders of the lieutenants that were under Arthas' command as well. He fought and killed each of the Scarlet Crusades men that came his way. Eventually, they broke through to the kingdom and killed all of the nobles as the town folk ran away in fear of this new problem for the world. As they cheered in this victory Arthas spoke out to them, "Now that one of the problems is dealt with, it's time that we deal with the second. Gather up as much of the fallen as possible and meet up with Highlord Darion Mograine." Shater and the others nodded as they began to raise the dead one by one, raising Night Elves, Humans, Orcs, Tauren and all of the Azeroth races. Once they all decided they had enough raised they all headed over to Highlord Darion Mograine and waited to make sure everyone was ready for the battle...TBC